The Medeco M4 cylinders are UL Standard 437 listed for physical strength and high security, with solid brass machined construction and strategically placed hardened-steel inserts to thwart drilling attacks. In

addition to tumbler pins that lift and rotate, the M4 design includes four side pins: three finger pins and

one lift pin, which must all interact with the sidebar to open, providing a high level of pick resistance. The patent-pending M4 key design, with its shuttle-pin movable element, also helps protect against the

emerging threat of 3D printing for unparalleled credential security. A movable element on the key engages a lift pin to activate the sidebar for more protection against lock picking, as well as 3D printing or cloning attempts. Side-pin codes allow for a vast number of pinning combinations to support

even the largest key system requirements. Also, patent-pending key control ensure keys cannot be duplicated without proper authorization.

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