StoneLock, a designer and manufacturer of contactless and privacy-hardened biometric solutions, announced the official integration of the StoneLock GO biometric reader with Tyco Software House from Johnson Controls Access Control, together providing contactless security and event management technologies.

Released in 2020, the StoneLock GO delivers a true frictionless authentication of users and simplified enrollment intentionally built to protect the user’s privacy through its proprietary, ‘faceless’ recognition technology for global enterprises. Tyco Software House C•CURE 9000 access control solution allows customers to integrate seamlessly with critical security and business applications, while empowering customers with full control through a single user interface. 

When combined with the StoneLock GO, the security of C•CURE 9000 is enhanced to ensure only pre-authorized employees are permitted contactless access to secured areas. The integration offers a user-friendly, simplified operational interface, eliminating the need to carry a badge or present credentials to a reader, unless required by multi-factor authentication.

“Johnson Controls prides itself on its technological excellence through the ability to leverage new, innovative solutions, such as the recent launch of OpenBlue,” said Kelsey Bourk, OEM product manager for Tyco Software House. “The integration delivers our customers seamless access for ultimate security protection and answers the critical security issues of today.”

“The StoneLock frictionless, hassle-free solution offers one of the industry's only enrollment and authentication solutions that completely eliminates physical touch by the end user to capture necessary features while utilizing biometric templates that are 100 percent non-recognizable outside of the solution,” said Colleen Dunlap, CEO and co-founder of StoneLock. “Delivering robust security, user privacy and a contactless and simplified experience, we are confident this integration with Johnson Controls will enhance existing technologies installed in facilities worldwide.”

As the need to protect personal security and sensitive information in a contactless manner grows exponentially due to the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond, StoneLock's biometric readers utilize near-infrared technology to ensure the safe, fast and accurate authentication of enrolled users. The GO captures unique templates of enrolled users that are unrecognizable outside of the StoneLock system, while making it universally compatible with all users regardless of gender, race, age or nationality.

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