announced they will begin hosting content related to smart home and audio/video in partnership with Bedrock Learning. Online courses are available on the site, and will be part of a unique Smart Home and AV Bundle and AV Selling Skills Bundle, or as individual courses. All online courses will be approved for CEUs at the national and state level for license compliance. 

The CMOOR Group and have been looking at adding smart home and AV content to their offerings for some time. 

“Given the direction of the security industry and the integration of smart products, as the industry’s premier provider of online training, it makes sense for us to offer this content,” said Connie Moorhead, CEO. “When looking for a partner with which to offer this content we selected Bedrock Learning because they are recognized and well respected in the smart home industry. We are now able to offer the best smart home and AV learning materials and promote another woman-owned business. The decision was an easy one for us.” will host several key courses from Bedrock Learning including “The Connected World,” a comprehensive overview of the smart home industry and the IoT, along with “Home Theater Technologies Explained,” which discusses aspect ratios, resolution, displays, projectors, screens, receivers, amplifiers, speakers and cables. Other titles will also be offered on the site, including “Networking 101 for Everyone,” “Make More Money with Referrals,” “Alliances: How to Get Leads Handed to You,” and “Cold Calling: Book Appointments & Increase Sales.” 

“Bedrock Learning has been looking for more ways to take our content into the world of physical security,” said Bedrock Learning President Helen Heneveld. “When we learned more about the impressive work has done in security training, we also found a true partner eager to work with us in creative ways and bring our content to that market.”

The new smart home and AV content on will be available as a Smart Home and AV Bundle for $250/student for 12 months of access to all the core site content. There will also be an AV Selling Skills Bundle for $250/student for 12 months of access to all the AV selling skills courses on the site. Individual online courses may be purchased based on length, at prices ranging from $55 to $75 per course. Volume discounts are available for corporate customers.

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