Like most healthcare facilities and hospitals, Renown Health has faced an influx of individuals infected with COVID-19. As a result of this demand, Renown built remote facilities to address the growing demand, but needed to ensure the location’s security. Because these sites are not permanent, stakeholders needed to find a solution that could monitor activity while addressing connectivity and bandwidth limitations. The facility also required the rapid deployment of technology that could integrate with its Milestone Systems XProtect Video Management System seamlessly and support the ongoing expansion of connected devices.

“Everything was crazy — this was the beginning of the pandemic, and it seemed like everything was stacked against any productivity because there was so much uncertainty going on,” said Nic Hasler, president and founder of Incline Technologies, Renown’s chosen integrator partner. “We had a lack of staff, lack of support from various departments, and it was just an overall chaotic experience from start to finish.”

Renown wanted to migrate to the cloud, but needed a solution built specifically for video use cases that offered options to expand as the healthcare environment evolved. After evaluating different options with Incline Technologies, everyone decided that Arcules delivered the best solution for their needs. 

“During our selection process, both our security team and our IT organization discovered that Arcules delivered the best solution for our growing environment,” said Joe Edwards, director of security at Renown Health. “When all things were considered, Arcules was the winner hands down.”

Specifically, Hasler recommended the Arcules Edge Cloud Solution to collect and store incoming video data from five Axis cameras on an edge storage device. This allows users to remotely view and manage incoming data via the cloud.

“Arcules was the ideal choice for Renown because of its scalability, flexibility and its ability to integrate with the organization’s existing video infrastructure seamlessly,” Hasler said. “Arcules was able to be agile and develop a hybrid cloud approach. This was intended to be a gateway to do on-premise recording, but we were able to integrate this into the current business model, so we weren’t burdening an organization trying to save lives.”

Arcules team was also very helpful, Hasler says, providing support throughout the installation.

“It’s been an honor to help Renown provide comprehensive, on-demand healthcare services during this challenging time,” said Nigel Waterton, chief revenue officer at Arcules. “Their need for enhanced security of their mobile sites required a flexible, secure and scalable solution that could meet their limited bandwidth requirements. We were pleased to be able to meet their needs and look forward to future collaborations.”