Axon, a provider in public safety technologies, and RapidSOS announced a partnership to provide emergency first responders and 911 telecommunicators access to critical emergency incident information from Axon devices being used by law enforcement officers.

Through this partnership, emergency communication centers across the U.S. will be eligible to access the location of officers, real-time alerts resulting from developing situations, and streaming video through Axon Respond devices such as Axon body-worn cameras, Axon Fleet in-car cameras, and Axon Air connected drones.

Additionally, emergency intelligence data from more than 350 million connected devices recognized as RapidSOS Ready will be available to dispatchers and first responders via Axon Respond. This data includes the location of the caller, health and medical information, connected building and alarm data and more.

“Axon has a long track record of bringing life-saving technology and innovation to public safety,” said RapidSOS CEO and Founder Michael Martin. “This collaboration furthers RapidSOS's mission to support first responders and the communities they serve with an ecosystem that enhances safety, security, and health.”

This partnership will provide dispatchers with access to real-time information, such as the location of the person needing assistance and the responding public safety officer, viewable on a single monitor. The Axon and RapidSOS solution will accelerate the application of Next Generation 911 (NG911) capabilities by integrating rich data from both Axon and RapidSOS. It will help public safety agencies to better manage resources and response times, enabling more efficient resolutions of emergencies and better outcomes.

“We are excited about this partnership, as we currently use both RapidSOS and the suite of Axon technology," said Michelle Potts, communications manager at the Chandler Police Department. "These tools will provide our emergency dispatch teams with additional life-saving information, in real-time, as well as provide visibility to better assist any type of emergency.”

“We are thrilled to partner with RapidSOS to further unleash the power of our investment in the Axon Respond real-time operations platform to deliver faster, safer and more efficient responses by unifying and delivering rich data to emergency response coordinators and first responders alike,” said Axon Chief Product Officer and Executive Vice President of Software, Jeff Kunins. “Many agencies already rely on both Axon and RapidSOS to manage emergency response. By enabling our solutions to work seamlessly together, we empower first responders with a single source for mission critical information as well as the ability to deliver industry-leading tools for agencies to securely and more efficiently manage resources and thereby respond faster than ever.”

The rollout of this integration is expected to begin this year. To learn about the joint solution, please visit