The new 1134 Wireless Wiegand module from DMP allows users to add access control in nearly any environment. For instance, when adding access control to a gate or door that is not connected to the rest of the main building, DMP’s 1134 module performs the same functions as all of DMP’s 734 modules, all while using 900 MHz frequency-hopping spread spectrum DMP two-way wireless to communicate with the control panel. The module allows users to get the powerful built-in access control capability of DMP panels that provide access control, arming and disarming using proximity, mag-stripe, biometric or other Wiegand-output readers. Like each of DMP’s 734 modules, the 1134 allows users to program up to seven different card formats in addition to the DMP card format. Plus, all user codes and credentials can be encrypted, when enabled in the panel.