Camden Door Controls expanded its Lazerpoint RF product line. New introductions are the CM-TXLF-1LP Lazerpoint RF recessed one-button key fob and the CM-TXLF-2LP Lazerpoint RF recessed two-button key fob. While Lazerpoint RF fobs have always been designed for ADA applications, these new fobs are now also ideally suited for security/access applications. In addition, they cannot be accidentally activated while in pocket. When used in conjunction with Camden’s CM-TXLFB key fob base, they can be mounted on a wall or desk or on a belt or car visor. The Lazerpoint RF family of wireless products transmit “hops” over multiple bands to overcome interference; they have a shorter wavelength and are able to penetrate smaller gaps in building materials; they are up to 10 times the range of typical narrow band wireless products; and they have longer battery life.