The Calipsa Pro analytics software suite adds four tiers of advanced analytics, incorporating customizable real-time alerts, camera health checks, object tracking and forensic video analysis. Calipsa Detect is Calipsa’s flagship false alarm filtering technology. It detects the presence of human and vehicular activity in video alarms. More than 90 percent of nuisance alerts are filtered out. The software enables users to mask areas of noninterest, such as roads or public spaces, further reducing false alarms. Custom schedules turn off filtering during unmonitored hours, while a mobile app and dashboard enable users to expand system control and review its performance. Calipsa Detect Pro complements the Detect features with a suite of camera health checks. Alerts are issued when a camera’s angle has moved, there are significant scene changes or the camera has been tampered with. Calipsa Protect is designed for proactive security by enabling enhanced intelligence for basic video alarms. It features color detection, region of interest, count-based alerts, crowd forming and loitering detection Calipsa Investigate uses meta-based attributes to search multiple cameras for forensic analysis. Users can filter events by detecting color, loitering, crowd size and more to display relevant results for investigation. 

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