Kantech KT-2 is an adaptable two-door controller that is cost effective and easy to install and operate for small to medium sized businesses. This door controller expands Johnson Controls line of multi-door control solutions purposely designed for retailers, medical offices, warehouses and businesses with needs ranging from one door to thousands. The KT-2 seamlessly integrates into OpenBlue, the dynamic platform for connected, safe and sustainable building solutions from Johnson Controls. KT-2 can be used as either a standalone system or integrated with the EntraPass security management software to leverage Wi-Fi connectivity, providing a cost-effective solution for challenging access control installations that typically require extensive cabling. When in Standalone Mode, the KT-2 door controller can be managed through a dedicated Web browser, providing a user-friendly, feature rich alternative for two-door security without the need for a full security management software. Installers of the KT-2 will find deployment quick and seamless by using an intuitive wizard-based platform that guides them through the set-up and installation process.

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