An instructor points out details of an alarm to students during one of more than 25 free educational sessions offered by Fire-Lite Alarms, part of Honeywell’s Life Safety Group.
Photo courtesy of Fire-Lite Alarms

Fire-Lite Alarms, Northford, Conn., part of Honeywell’s Life Safety Group, plans to host more than 25 free educational sessions throughout the United States. From fire alarm basics to detailed hands-on training, course offerings are designed for every level of industry professional. Dates, locations and descriptions for Fire-Lite classes for the remainder of 2008 are as follows:

Location                                 Class Name                                     Dates
Baltimore                                   MiniScan                                     July 8-10
Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.                  MiniScan                                     July 8-10
San Francisco                     Super Academy                              July 22-24
Little Rock, Ark.                         SuperLite                                 August 12-13
Salt Lake City                            MiniScan                                  August 19-21
Portland, Ore.                            MiniScan                                  August 26-28
Charlotte, N.C.                          MiniScan                                  August 26-28
Columbus, Ohio                       SuperLite                               September 8-9
Denver                                        MiniScan                                September 9-11
Indianapolis                              SuperLite                              September 11-12
Atlanta                                        MiniScan                                September 16-18
San Antonio, Texas                 SuperLite                               September 23-24
Louisville, Ky.                            MiniScan                               September 23-25
Richmond, Va.                          MiniScan                                   Sep 30-Oct 2
Fort Myers, Fla.                         MiniScan                                     October 7-9
Houston                                     SuperLite                                    October 7-8
Milwaukee                                 SuperLite                                  October 13-14
Chicago                                     SuperLite                                  October 16-17
Fresno, Calif.                            SuperLite                                  October 22-23
Dallas                                        SuperLite                                  October 28-29
Long Island, N.Y.                Super Academy                            November 5-7
San Diego, English     Mini Scan w/ optional Basic Fire             November 11-14
San Diego, Espanol    Mini Scan w/ optional Basic Fire             November 11-14
Jacksonville, Fla.                     MiniScan                                   November 18-20
Memphis, TN                            MiniScan                                   November 18-20
Miami                                         MiniScan                                    December 2-4
Oakland, Calif.                         MiniScan                                   December 9-11
Northford, CT                     Super Academy                            December 16-18

The MiniScan Academy is a three-day training on Fire-Lite’s conventional and addressable fire alarm control panels and voice evacuation systems. Power supply fundamentals, product features, installation methods, programming and troubleshooting are taught through practical hands-on exercises. Installation and configuration of Fire-Lite’s IPDACT, a module that enables the transmission of alarms from a fire alarm control panel via any IP network line, such as ADSL, cable or Internet, also is covered.

The SuperLite Academy is a two-day course featuring instruction and hands-on exercises in the capabilities, installation, programming and troubleshooting of all Fire-Lite manufactured addressable control panels. The SuperLite Academy will wrap-up with two hours of installation and configuration training on Fire-Lite’s IPDACT module that enables the transmission of alarms from a fire alarm control panel via any IP network line, such as ADSL, cable or Internet.

The Super Academy is three days. On day 1, training begins with a basic fire alarm technology course covering common fire system components, fundamentals of voice evacuation and various NFPA and ADA codes. Although part of the Super Academy curriculum, individuals seeking basic fire alarm information can opt to attend this one-day course.

Day 2 and 3 of the Super Academy is a two-day module covering Fire-Lite’s voice evacuation systems and full line of addressable fire alarm control panels. Attendees will receive instruction on features and capabilities of all addressable panels, plus perform hands-on exercises in wiring, programming and troubleshooting.

All Fire-Lite courses qualify attendees for various National Burglar and Fire Alarm Association (NBFAA) continuing education credits. Visit for complete course descriptions, prerequisite information and online registration.