SafeNet Inc., a global leader in information security, said this week that The GateWorks Group, developer of management and storage software for private residential communities, chose SafeNet Sentinel Hardware Keys to secure the license plate recognition module of their residential security software.
By using SafeNet’s Sentinel Hardware tokens to lock down the usage rights GateWorks can ensure that the premier feature of their product is only accessible to those customers who have paid for the rights to access it.
“The GateWorks group sought a software protection solution that would allow for high encryption and proven reliability. We wanted a product we could feel secure that no one was going to break,” said Ryan Elgram, senior software engineer, GateWorks Group. “Based on our experience working with SafeNet products and customer service in the past we felt confident in selecting the Sentinel Hardware Keys over competitive offerings. Additionally, SafeNet’s hardware tokens are very easy to use, allowing us to go to market quickly, saving time and money.”
GateWorks is the most sophisticated gate entry system available and is the only software of its kind to offer the license plate recognition module. This module reduces the workload of the guard by automatically bringing up guest profiles by scanning the license plates of their automobiles.
"With Sentinel Hardware Keys, providers of advanced software, such as The GateWorks Group, can protect their products, preventing piracy and lost revenue," said Jam Khan, director of product management, software protection, SafeNet. “We're pleased that in addition to assuring the security of residents, GateWorks software has used Sentinel Keys to secure their software revenues."
Sentinel Hardware Keys are secure hardware tokens which, when attached to a computer or network, monitor and enforce the licensing of products which have been protected using this solution. Sentinel Hardware Keys deliver government-grade security through public key cryptography, AES encryption and internal authentication. More information can be found at