The Security Industry Association (SIA) last week released an American National Standard ANSI/SIA OSIPS DVI-01:2008 SIA Open, Systems Integration and Performance Standards – Digital Video Interface Data Model, the first deliverable from SIA’s Open Systems Integration and Performance Standards (OSIPS) body of standards.
“SIA’s OSIPS family of standards are designed to be open; enable easy integration of diverse components; and provide a means to establish predictable levels of performance,” said Richard Chace, executive director and CEO, Security Industry Association. "DVI-01 meets these criteria and fills the market demand for video- and IP-related security solutions.”
This voluntary standard specifies interface requirements for the digital video component of a video surveillance solution. For that component, it provides message sets for the information exchange necessary to provision, command, as well as request and receive; event and status information.
For end users, DVI-01 provides an interface to obtain streaming live video and controlling recorded video. Messaging is also provided that will start and stop video analytics for specific camera ports. Control of these ports is defined in the interface to command moveable cameras or obtain the status of a moveable camera, including position and presets. Event reporting messages also support motion detection and camera synch-loss.
Finally, the interface provides methods for the provisioning of the component and its individual camera ports. Intended for use by manufacturers of digital video surveillance systems and cameras to ensure equipment compatibility, this standard also impacts security system installers, specifiers, and users dealing with compatibility issues.
"Many companies contributed to the development of this standard; Pelco, Siemens, Hirsch, Panasonic, Vicon, Axis, and Cisco, to name a few, because they all realize that open standards are good for business.," said Per Hanssen, president and CEO, Salient Systems Corporation and chair, SIA Standards Digital Video Subcommittee. "This effort is a statement that our industry is serious about open standards and that we welcome the convergence that has started to take place.”
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