The International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP), Alexandria, Va., submitted a series of questions to presidential candidates John McCain and Barack Obama in an effort to engage the major party presidential candidates in a discussion about crime and homeland security issues.

The October edition of Police Chief Magazine features the IACP’s questions and each candidate's responses.

Additionally, a copy of the Q&A with the candidates is available at the IACP web site,

"Protecting our communities is an issue that transcends politics,” said Ronald Ruecker, IACP president and director of public safety for the City of Sherwood, Oregon. “Crime and violence affect us all, and we must together forge solutions that will make America safer. We are pleased that both campaigns responded to the IACP's questions because the American public needs to know how each presidential candidate plans to protect our communities from both crime and terrorism."

The IACP provided each candidate with six questions that focus on the critical issues confronting the law enforcement community today.  These issues include:


  • Combating rising violent crime
  • Homeland security strategies
  • Immigration enforcement
  • Illegal narcotics and drug trafficking
  • Federal assistance to state, tribal, and local law enforcement agencies


The IACP is a nonpartisan organization that neither endorses candidates nor contributes to campaigns. The IACP's sole purpose in presenting these questions to both candidates is that the association's members in the United States, as well as the American public, deserve to know what steps the next administration will take to combat crime and terrorism and to make communities across the nation safer.