Panasonic System Solutions Company debuts an innovative 3D Image Sensor that works in full ambient light for access control applications. The new 3D Image Sensor is the latest access control product joining Panasonic’s widely used high-speed, super-accurate biometric iris reader system. For anti-tailgating and high-sensitivity automatic door applications, Panasonic's 3D Image Sensor and the BM-ET200 Iris Recognition Camera System can work together to heighten security. Placed in the ceiling above a door, the sensor determines whether there is one or multiple individuals trying to access the door where a Panasonic iris reader is installed, and triggers an alarm if it detects a second individual “tailgating” the first person.


Video surveillance cameras won't blink even if the power fails with the new ReServ1 Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) from Altronix. ReServ1 ensures consistent and dependable power for continuous surveillance monitoring. The unit supplies simultaneous power for 12VDC and 24VAC cameras during normal and power outage conditions regardless if the external power fails. Reserv1 provides eight true sine wave-regulated 24VAC outputs and four regulated 12VDC outputs.  “Reliability and seamless operation is a basic requirement to provide true security. Our new Reserv1 is a critical element that helps ensure both,” said Alan Forman, President, Altronix Corporation. “This new UPS is a power back-up system that the industry has been waiting for.”


Leading RISCO Group USA’s product line is the SynopSYS™ Security and Building Management Platform, a sophisticated software solution that enables simplified and completely integrated site management and control via intuitive, drag and drop based synoptic maps. Designed to provide systems integrators with a competitive edge for easy project implementation, SynopSYS is ideal for commercial and public buildings, complexes and satellite facilities. The SynopSYS software’s wide range of functions includes control of security, access control, digital video surveillance, fire and flood detection, and building control and maintenance systems such as HVAC and elevators.

Xanboo Inc.

Xanboo Inc. has extended a special invitation to ISC West attendees to visit the company at its Venetian Suite or at one of the booths that will be demonstrating its Virtual Keypad and pre/post alarm event video recording with video storage:

C.O.P.S. Monitoring – Booth 6074
UCC – Room 902
DMP – Booth 20017

To visit Xanboo’s suite for a meeting or demonstration, please call (866) 871-8406 or email to set up an appointment.

Secura Key

At ISC West, Secura Key will introduce the e*Tag® ET9 Midrange Reader (ET9-RO-W-MR). This ISO 15693 compliant reader creates a whole new product category of cost-effective extended-read-range products for the contactless smart card reader market. Secura Key’s newest e*Tag® product provides up to an 8-in. read range for the same price as comparable wall-switch style readers, the company said. The ET9 Midrange requires only 100-200 mA of current at 5-14 VDC, making it compatible with most access control panels without requiring a separate power supply. The ET9 Midrange Reader is designed for outdoor applications such as parking, for indoor wall-mounted applications using a standard j-box, and its extended read distance allows it to be mounted behind glass for entry door applications. Contactless smart card technology is ideally suited for access control, time and attendance, membership/loyalty programs, logical (PC) access, storage of biometric templates, parking, ePurse, and many other applications. This product was entered in the SIA New Products Showcase program.
Booth 9117


Continuing its commitment to open architecture solutions and to delivering the most reliable, compatible and expandable security products to its customers, JVC announced the integration of its IP video surveillance cameras — notably the VN-V686BU and VN-V686WPBU PTZ cameras and its VN-V25U and VN-V26U fixed cameras — into JDS Digital Security Systems’ Softsite32 Enterprise video management platform. This integration is a result of JVC customers’ desire to integrate JVC’s IP cameras within their new and existing JDS systems. JDS customers can now seamlessly integrate JVC’s latest and most innovate IP cameras, such as the SIA New Product Showcase award-winning VN-V686WPBU PTZ, into their surveillance systems.
Booth 8109

Arecont Vision

Today at ISC West 2009, Arecont Vision announced the domestic debut of its full line of H.264 MegaDome™ series of cameras. Available in color or day/night versions and with 1.3, 2, 3 or 5 megapixel sensors, the new dome cameras incorporate Arecont Vision’s fully compliant implementation of H.264 (MPEG 4, Part 10) compression that uses up to 10 times on average less bandwidth and storage compared with megapixel counterparts using MJPEG compression. “Our megapixel imaging solutions are growing in popularity, boosted by field-proven implementations throughout the world,” said Raul Calderon, vice president of strategic relations, Arecont Vision. The Arecont Vision MegaDome™ cameras offer user-selectable full or ¼ resolution for either live viewing or archiving. The series simultaneously supports H.264 and MJPEG at full frame rates. Multi-streaming provides up to eight concurrent non-identical streams with variable frame rates, bit rates, resolutions and picture quality.
Booth 7117


JVC extends its award-winning V.Networks line with the VN-V225VPU Fixed Network Dome Camera. Featuring dual stream MPEG-4 and Motion JPEG images, exclusive JVC “Fine Adjust” focusing technology, IP66-rated weather-proof and vandal-resistant design, Power over Ethernet (PoE), and open architecture API for easy customization, the VN-V225VPU is a durable network dome camera suited with features for the most demanding environments. “Dual streaming MPEG4/MJPEG is a powerful tool to regulate bandwidth on IP networks and JVC added all the other critical features such as true day/night and vandal-resistant housing,” said Geoff Anderson, national marketing manger for Security Products, JVC Professional Products Company. “But the real novelty is JVC’s patent-pending fine adjustment feature to get the absolute clearest image from this VN-V225VPU.” Bi-directional audio support allows for two-way audio communication when a microphone and speaker are attached. Learn more at ISC West.
Booth 8109


VideoIQ today announced at ISC West major new capabilities in the latest version of its VideoIQ View™ video management and camera/encoder software. View is a complete video management software suite included with the VideoIQ iCVR family of intelligent video surveillance cameras and encoders that provides customers with the highest level of proactive security protection available. View taps the iCVR’s capabilities to verify and manage security alarms, stream live surveillance video and search recorded video, among many other features and functionalities. “The latest version of VideoIQ View software provides a number of valuable new capabilities, particularly in the area of alarm notification, analytic capability, recording flexibility and video review,” said Scott Schnell, CEO of VideoIQ Inc. VideoIQ View features the following enhancements and features: Browser access to both live video and alarm clips; automatic e-mail notification; recorded video export; full-screen video display; 30 fps at D1 resolution; integration support through a rich set of public application programming interfaces; indoor analytic detection mode; and more.
Booth 2098

GE Security Inc.

GE Security Inc., a business of GE Enterprise Solutions, will demonstrate GE Nav v2, representing the latest advancement in digital video recording (DVR) management software. This single application delivers remote video management capabilities to security operators regardless of their location. GE Nav v2 provides security and loss-prevention departments with an easy-to-use graphic interface, allowing operators to monitor and control DVR systems ranging in size from a single unit up to thousands. GE Nav v2 also features PTZ control, multi-site capabilities, and configuration of devices on the system, allowing for an accurate and timely response to security incidents that may occur. This software can manage GE Security’s legacy and Sym-line DVRs while providing a migration path to the latest DVR advancements for current GE customers. It will be highlighted in the SIA New Product Showcase (NPS) and also on display at GE Security’s booth.
Booth 11066

Barix AG

Barix AG will be exhibiting its Barix Paging Station PS16, a compact, multifunction master station for use in IP intercom, paging and voice over IP applications, to the security industry for the first time at ISC West. The PS16 connects directly to a facility network and can communicate with other PS16 stations or Barix Audio over IP devices, as well as IP-enabled microphones, speakers, amplifiers or intercom panels spread over a large area.  This makes it ideal for distributed intercom, monitoring, or paging systems in security applications, where voice communications from one-to-many points is a critical requirement.
Booth 5144


Sielox will display its newest software version 7, Pinnacle Web, Pinnacle Argos and UPS system at ISC West. Pinnacle version 7 provides scalability from entry-level to enterprise with unlimited expandability and complete compatibility with leading third-party solutions. The Pinnacle Web is a completely new product which goes beyond the Windows™ operating system. It can be run on Unix, Linux, McIntosh and PDAs. Pinnacle Argos™ integrates access control events with live video and can be deployed from computers running Microsoft Internet Explorer Browser. The Sielox UPS power supply charger features a combination of 12 volts/24volts, or 12 volts/12 volts, 12 amps @ 12 volts or 6 amps @24 volts.
Booth 22077

Reach Systems Inc.

Reach Systems Inc. will be showcasing ReachNet Version 2.5 during ISC West. This new release delivers many powerful new features including fully integrated hosted video, and an interactive voice recognition (IVR) interface which allows users to unlock controlled doors through any phone. The new hosted video application seamlessly integrates Axis network cameras into the Reach Access Control System. Customers are able to view a live video feed, capture and view video triggered by any access control event, capture and view video from camera motion events, and easily provision and manage their Axis cameras. vReach allows for remote access through an IVR interface, enabling users to unlock doors and perform other functions via any telephone.
Booth 25140

Keyscan Inc. & Cogent Systems

Keyscan Inc. will partner with Cogent Systems to debut its Smart-Gate biometric reader / contactless Mifare smartcard reader at ISC West. The Smart-Gate addresses the vigilance demanded by today’s security needs while simultaneously respecting an individual’s right to privacy. The Smart-Gate is a true one-to-one biometric reader in that the biometric template is stored on the Mifare contactless smartcard, not on a network database, so biometric information always remains securely in the possession of the individual cardholder. Smart-Gate offers state-of-the-art dual verification. Smart Gate includes Easy Step [TM], the one-time card enrollment software that integrates with Keyscan, providing the most secure, user-friendly biometric integration in the industry. 
Booth 25041 

Keyscan Inc.

Keyscan Inc. will unveil its K-DVR, a hybrid 16-channel digital video recorder at ISC West. With 1 terabyte of in-unit storage and the ability to add external NAS storage, the K-DVR doesn’t lack for video capacity or speed – an incredibly fast 480 pictures per second in real-time display. Built into every K-DVR is Triplex+TM for live viewing, playback, network viewing while still recording on all 16 channels. The K-DVR has the added flexibility of supporting up to four IP cameras. With Mobile View TM software, remote viewing, programming, and PTZ control are all possible from any wireless or Internet-connected PDA or cell phone.
Booth 25041 


Pelco will introduce several new additions to its product line, with a theme of leading the security industry with end-to-end IP HD systems As an open systems advocate, Pelco welcomes integration and development partners to view the new products that will be exhibited. Among them are:
  • Experience the power of Sarix technology in an easy-to-install, integrated fixed dome form factor with the new Sarix ID Series Mega-Performance cameras. They feature high definition and megapixel resolutions, exceptional low-light performance, auto back focus, consistent color science, H.264 compression, and built-in analytics.
  • Endura 2.0 breaks the performance barrier for high definition video encoding, recording, and display, Pelco stated. Designed as an end-to-end system optimized for HD, Endura 2.0 guarantees the reliability, fault-tolerance and interoperability that security professionals demand.
  • Pelco Spectra IV 2.0 delivers high-quality video in the most challenging lighting conditions and has been engineered and tested to provide the industry’s best image quality under low-light conditions, Pelco stated. Featuring Sure Focus technology, Spectra IV 2.0 has the ability to lock the focal position of the camera to ensure that focus is directed at the primary target when secondary objects enter the scene, ensuring that the object will always remain in focus.

Booth 14041


Visit DVTel at ISC West to learn about the six reasons for iSOC V6. As an example, reason #2: The iSOC’s Services Based Solution orchestrates all devices and assets within the system to perform as a set of services across one or more physical servers. This set of services operates virtually across the network, otherwise known as virtualization. This allows for a much greater degree of automated fault tolerance than a typical server-centric approach. Network-wide visibility and resource control is the key to a strong service delivery environment.
Booth 22035

Paxton Access

Paxton Access will show its newly released access control units, Net2 plus and Net2 nano, at ISC West. These eagerly awaited additions to the Net2 range provide even more flexibility when specifying or installing an access control system. Net2 plus is a new control unit for the Net2 access control system. It has an on-board RJ45 socket to connect to a TCP/IP network in the same way as any other IP device, removing the need for a separate piece of hardware. The Net2 plus control unit also can be used as a TCP/IP to RS485 converter for when it is not possible to get a network point exactly where you want it. Net2 nano is a wireless control unit for the Net2 access control system. It removes the need for hardwiring between door controllers and a PC by replacing a wired connection with a wireless one. Paxton Access U.S. sales manager, Anthony Searle, will be at ISC West to give you full demonstration of these two products.
Booth 14126 (at TransTech Systems)

TimeSightâ„¢ Systems

TimeSight™ Systems launched its new Web site, The portal and resource center is designed to help users, resellers and manufacturers of video surveillance technologies understand the power of video lifecycle management (VLM) in today’s demanding times. The Web site and resource center demonstrate how VLM makes high-resolution video surveillance capture and retention an effective and affordable security asset for users by dramatically improving the quality and quantity of valuable video data without sacrificing retention or only storing motion events which leave security gaps, the company said. TimeSight Systems is demonstrating this technology, which directly addresses the issue of rising storage costs associated with the higher stored resolution and longer retention requirements of video surveillance images, at ISC West in both the SIA New Product Showcase and at its booth.
Booth 8345

PENTAX Imaging Company

PENTAX Imaging Company announced the new Varifocal Plus lens for high-end security applications. It will be displayed at ISC West. The new security lens offers a perfect solution to varifocal limitations with true 1.3 megapixel resolution and an installer-friendly design. With optical focus-free technology, the PENTAX Varifocal Plus offers zoom lens maneuverability in a varifocal compact package. The lens is ideally matched for high-resolution sensors on high-end security cameras. The fundamental difference of this new product is the capacity for tracking with clear focus as the focal length of the lens changes.
Booth 13126

Avocado Security

Avocado Security announced the formation of its new partner portal to support channel partners including value-added resellers (VARs), OEM and Technology partners. The team is made up of highly skilled technical-sales-information agents, who previously managed a nationally recognized and award winning partner program. The hours of operation are Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time. The number is (866) 608-1116. Avocado Security’s technology helps squeeze the most out of existing CCTV surveillance systems by employing the client’s exiting security cameras and DVRs, and then converting security images into graphs and charts that deliver business intelligence to support continuity of operation, it said.
Visit Avocado Security at ISC West

Theia Technologies

Theia Technologies will demonstrate its new day/night SY110 lens as well as the SY125 lens at ISC West. Like the SY125, the new day/night corrected ultra wide SY110 lens series corrects barrel distortion in the optics using Theia’s patented Linear Optical Technology [TM]. The high-quality optics can support most megapixel cameras on the market with a sharp image. Although the lens is designed for sensors up to the 1/2.5 in. found in most 5 MPix cameras, it will work well on cameras from high-resolution VGA up to 5 MPix resolution. You may read more about day/night lenses and when to use them from the company’s Day/Night demystified white paper. Theia Technologies invites attendees to stop by its booth to discuss your particular application requirements.
Booth 4060


Winsted will demonstrate WELS (Winsted Equipment Layout Software) at ISC West. WELS is a Winsted-exclusive software tool that makes console design and room layout fast, easy, accurate, and fun. This interactive, user-friendly, 3D program lets you use Winsted components to quickly design systems that meet your needs. WELS is easy to use and requires no additional design/CAD software to operate.
Booth 4109

ICx Technologies

ICx Technologies invites you to visit its ISC West exhibit and experience “new thinking.” The company said it will “show you how to take security beyond the fence through comprehensive situational awareness.”
Booth 20087


At ISC West Fujinon will introduce three megapixel, varifocal lenses designed for half-inch camera formats. Realizing the current trend of megapixel camera manufacturer’s use of half-inch format imagers, Fujinon has come up with a series of four lenses to help customers meet all their megapixel half-inch camera needs. The DV3.4x3.8SA-1 has a focal length range of 3.8 to 13mm, an aperture range of F1.4 to T360, and a 97 degree horizontal angle of view at 3.8mm. It can easily handle the majority of indoor security applications. The DV3.4x3.8SA-1 lens is a manual iris version. The lens is also available as DV3.4x3.8SA-SA1, an auto-iris DC-type model. For those applications that require a greater object distance between the camera and the lens – such as long hallways or outdoor environments – Fujinon allows for an easy upgrade to its DV10x8SA-1 lens. The DV10x8SA-1 lens offers a flexible focal length range of 8 to 80mm without compromising an aperture range of F1.4 to T360. The DV10x8SA-1 lens is a manual iris version. The lens is also available as DV10x8SA-SA1, an auto iris DC-type model.
Booth 8141


Infinova extends an invitation to ISC West attendees to visit the company and learn about the latest in network video surveillance and video analytics. The company will be introducing the new Universal Security Platform; Matrix Switch integrating analog and IP video with direct fiber input/output; plus CCTV and fiber optic communications.
Booth 5129


IQinVision has a lot of exciting new things to demonstrate at ISC West, including:
  • New and improved IQrecorder: Available with images using affordable network storage with no client software. User-friendly features include simultaneous playback and live viewing, day-by-day scheduling and a brand new playback interface with DVD-like controls.
  • IQeye Event Recording System (ERS): a self-contained high-definition megapixel network recorder that uses no bandwidth to record crisp, clear video.
  • Additions to the IQeye 4 Series Line: Get a first look at the newest product of the IQeye basic line as the company introduces another megapixel camera that makes installation quick and easy.
  • Presentation: Utilizing design standards to ensure the right system to exceed end user needs. Join Paul Bodell, chief marketing officer of IQinVision, along with an educational end user and integrator, as they highlight the critical steps to take to provide a system that exceeds the customer’s needs while remaining within budget.

Booth 5135


SightLogix will demonstrate the latest technology in reliable outdoor security management. The company will be introducing its newest product, SightLogix SightTracker, the GPS-based PTZ controller that provides automatic intruder tracking for easy target identification. SightTracker automatically steers a PTZ camera to a detected target’s specific geospatial location. The company also will be demonstrating the latest intelligent video surveillance features of the SightLogix Enterprise Security System with GPS tracking, the only long-range, automated perimeter security system that is guaranteed to lower your perimeter security costs and is specifically built for the outdoors, the company said.
Booth 4038

On-Net Surveillance Systems Inc.

On-Net Surveillance Systems Inc. invites you to visit its booth and experience Ocularis, the Platform for IP video management. Ocularis is a truly innovative IP-based video surveillance management and control software solution, the company said, which expands the role of the IP video system from strictly video surveillance to a full fledged, video-centric PSIM (physical security information management) software platform.

OnSSI also extends an invitation to ISC West attendees to join its education session: Ocularis, A Strategic IP Video Management Solution. This session will take place on Thursday, April 2 from 10:15 a.m. to 11:15 a.m. and on Friday, April 3 from 10:15 a.m. to 11:15 a.m. in booth 25101 (Theatre on the Show Floor).

OnSSI also invites attendees to attend a panel discussion: Implementing a Wide Area Surveillance Solution: A Case Study of the Beaumont School District. The date and location are: Thursday, April 2, 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. in room # 204.
Booth 8074

Cypress Computer Systems Inc. and Veridt Inc.

Cypress Computer Systems Inc. and Veridt Inc. will show two new handheld wireless offerings for PACS: MobileGate™ for TWIC and MobileGate™ for PIV. These readers are designed to read either TWIC or PIV credentials and can also be configured to dynamically read other locally issued credentials if desired. These readers are configured with a dual card read interface (contact and contactless), keypad and biometric and communicate via 900MHz wireless Wiegand to provide a simple immediate replacement for a fixed reader for access control. These new offerings are part of the expanded strategic partnership between Cypress and Veridt. Cypress and Veridt will be showcasing these newly expanded offerings at ISC West.

Booth 23148

SAMSUNG | GVI Security

 SAMSUNG | GVI Security will preview some of the new products that incorporate the new Samsung Electronics A1 video chip at ISC West. The new chip provides a host of new benefits for security surveillance products and systems that will be available in the near future. The forthcoming products will be on preview at the SAMSUNG | GVI Security booth 12041. With the A1 chip, GVI will be able to offer an impressive, groundbreaking standard feature set. The A1 chip takes camera resolution to 600tVL. It offers WDR (wide dynamic range) and XDR (extended dynamic range) as a standard feature. In addition, the new chip provides On Screen Display on all cameras to support easy installation.


For many, the most exciting inclusion will be that the new SAMSUNG | GVI Security analog camera line will have built in analytics for intelligent video.


GVI also announced that it will be presented a 10-year anniversary appreciation award from Samsung Electronics. Inrock Do, vice president of the VSS Business Team, Digital Media Business, Samsung Electronics will present the award to SAMSUNG | GVI Security CEO Steve Walin and COO Joe Restivo.

Booth 12041

MSi and Senstar

MSi and Senstar will announce a new security management system at ISC West. If easy integration to third-party systems, ease of scalability to grow in capacity seamlessly, and cost effectiveness are your priorities in a security management system, Sentient, Senstar’s newest product is the right choice, the company says. Windows®-based Sentient displays and manages alarm and status information in high-security environments such as correctional facilities, VIP residences, nuclear plants and critical infrastructure sites where alarm management of perimeter security systems is of paramount priority. Sentient’s modular architecture allows complete flexibility in system size – from a single workstation to several hundred if required – and out-of-the-box integration with both Senstar sensors and third-party systems. Sentient will be on display at ISC West. Times for scheduled presentations will be posted at the booth.

Booth 12087

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