Bosch IVA makes accurate estimates of the size and speed of moving objects.

Post ASIS: Vehicle Scanning

Vehicle Scanning for Actionable Information


Reviewing technology shown at ASIS last week, a new system aimed at border crossings as well as other vehicle access points hit the mark.

From Spectrum San Diego, it’s called CarSCAN. "We believe that CarSCAN is a breakthrough in vehicle screening technology, and winning the ASIS Accolades re-confirms this," said Dr. Steven W. Smith, president and technical director of Spectrum San Diego. It provides actionable information to security personnel at border crossings, military bases, embassies, ports and other critical government and private facilities. The vehicle being inspected drives through the CarSCAN archway and the scanned image is displayed on the security officer's monitor, much the same as an airport baggage scanner. Unlike previous generation vehicle scanners, dual-energy transmission imaging penetrates through the entire vehicle, greatly minimizing blind spots and highlighting potential threats in easily understandable color-coded images.

CarSCAN meets national safety standards for the X-ray screening of vehicles containing passengers. Its small footprint allows the CarSCAN archway to be installed into an existing traffic lane. Minimal manpower and time are required for installation and operational training. Since only a few hours are necessary to set up and dismantle the system, short notice needs and unanticipated security requirements can easily be accommodated. No trenching or build-out of the installation area is necessary. CarSCAN can be operated at an unlimited distance from security personnel to provide standoff blast protection.


FIPS 140-2 Level 2 Validation for Firetide MIMO


Firetide is telling ASIS 2009 attendees that it plans to achieve Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) 140-2 Level 2 certification for its MIMO 802.11n HotPort 7000 product line. FIPS 140-2 is being adopted as the de facto cryptography standard by governments and industries worldwide, while in the United States, the federal government is required to purchase cryptographic products validated to the FIPS 140-2 standard.

"Most of Next Wave's U.S. government customers require FIPS 140-2 certification for their wireless infrastructure.Therefore, Firetide's ability to attain this important milestone will make its MIMO mesh network products even more attractive to the vast federal sector market," said Doug McDaniel, chief operating officer of Next Wave Systems, LLC , an engineering and technology company specializing in security and expeditionary warfare-related systems. "Firetide has already proven to be an industry leader with its mesh network products' high throughput, low latency, scalability, reliability and ease of design and installation.We are very excited about this functionality and look forward to increased sales as a result of Firetide's mesh lineup obtaining FIPS 140-2 certification."

Firetide is working with a federally accredited FIPS laboratory to perform FIPS 140-2 validation testing on the Firetide HotPort 7000 wireless infrastructure mesh products. Meeting the FIPS 140-2 Level 2 testing criteria ensures that cryptographic algorithm implementations comply with relevant government security standards, and that the HotPort 7000 mesh network is secure against electronic attacks or access to critical security parameters.

"Achieving FIPS 140-2 is an important step for Firetide as it expands the target market for Firetide infrastructure mesh to include military and federal government customers," said Bo Larsson, chief executive officer of Firetide. "Firetide has already proven itself as a de facto standard for municipal wireless security and surveillance, including large-scale deployments in Buffalo, Chicago, Dallas and Rochester, among others, and we are confident that this certification will promote further adoption of Firetide by solution providers focused on the federal market."

FIPS 140-2 certification testing for Firetide HotPort 7000 mesh nodes will be completed in Q4 of 2009. FIPS 140-2 compliant HotPort 7000 modules will start shipping at the same time.

Firetide in Booth 447



Portable Biometric Enrollment Platform


Telos Identity Management Solutions now offers the SmartmaticPAR mobile enrollment platform, a mobile, all-in-one identity enrollment and capture solution optimized for government requirements. Available separately or bundled with other Telos ID offerings to meet specific customer requirements, PARmobilegreatly simplifies the process of enrolling participants and verifying identities by consolidating required hardware components in a single compact unit.

"PARmobileis the perfect complement to other Telos ID offerings," said Mark Griffin, president and general manager of Telos ID. "This rugged and compact all-in-one hardware solution includes everything our customers need to capture, validate and transmit identity and biometric information. It is a proven system that is reliable and flexible in a number of different implementations worldwide."

Keith Stringfellow, president of U.S. operations for Smartmatic, echoed Griffin's enthusiasm for the partnership. "We wanted a partner that could use the PARmobile's power and portability to deliver a lower cost per enrollment to maximum advantage. Telos ID has an excellent reputation for meeting the technology and service demands of the U.S. military and government markets. The company's in-house engineering, manufacturing, fabrication, assembly and support capability, as well as having contract vehicles and established customer relationships in place, made Telos ID a logical choice as a trusted distributor and reseller partner."

PARmobilecombines a lightweight and rugged platform with a configurable "biobay" that allows users to integrate the biometric capture devices that meet their requirements. This unique configuration capability ensures that PARmobilewill meet a very wide set of identity verification and enrollment needs while staying current with changes in biometric technology. PARmobileis also proven in the field on a national level - it has been widely used in identity verification and voter registration applications throughout the world and proven secure, accurate, and reliable.


Antiterrorism Assistance ATA Training Website, Job Opportunities


USIS, an Altegrity company, has launched a new Antiterrorism Assistance (ATA) Training Web site ( USIS is the largest commercial provider of security investigation services to the federal government and a premier supplier of specialized training programs in the U.S. and overseas. The new website is USIS' primary location for specific ATA related news and information.

In partnership with Department of State ATA, USIS currently provides training and equipment to foreign law enforcement and security organizations based upon formal onsite needs assessments. USIS also assists in the procurement, shipping, tracking, issuing, and accountability of equipment procured under grant agreements with participating nations.

USIS employees discussed ATA opportunities at the ASIS International 55th Annual Seminar and Exhibits conference in Anaheim, Calif. The company will present its comprehensive security training and security solutions in booth 4045.

Additionally, Altegrity-USIS' parent corporation-recently named Los Angeles Police Department Chief William J. Bratton as CEO of its new Altegrity Security and Consulting (ASC) business that is specializing in Criminal Justice Program Support (CJPS) work. ASC will provide highly trained and advanced skill law enforcement professionals to help nations create law enforcement institutions that become the foundation of self-operated and sustainable criminal justice systems. ASC is now expanding its recruiting efforts for experienced law enforcement and criminal justice system professionals. For more information about the program and job opportunities, visit

USUS in Booth 4045

More Second Day ASIS News and Events

Intelligent Video Analysis Software from Bosch

At ASIS, Bosch Security Systems announced a new version of its Intelligent Video Analysis (IVA) software with easier scene calibration and enhanced forensic capabilities that make it easier for investigators to isolate incidents in recorded video. IVA 4.0 features a new interactive set up tool that reduces camera calibration time to two minutes per camera and provides immediate feedback to the installer with an on-screen calibration quality traffic light, showing the calibration accuracy by color. Accurately calibrated cameras are more likely to predict the size and speed of any object at various distances, which can be important for filtering out unwanted events and minimizing false alarms.

With the new camera calibration tool, users simply draw measured straight lines and right-angles on the scene, and the tool automatically calculates the perspective. The function enables IVA to make accurate estimates of the size and speed of moving objects.

A new head detection filter further refines IVA’s forensic search function to allow the operator to search for scenes containing human objects. The filter detects human head and shoulder contours to reliably classify people in a scene, significantly reducing the number of “false hits” from factors such as reflections in windows.

Bosch Security Systems in Booth 2331


RISCO’s Support for Integrators

The RISCO Engineered Services (RES) program, an all-inclusive support service, is available exclusively to RISCO Certified Integrators. The fee-based, value added service for integrators who have been awarded an installation, assists in specifying projects, writing scope of work estimates, installation planning, end-user training and the commissioning of RISCO’s integrated platform. The comprehensive RES program is run by a team of security industry veterans led by RISCO Group USA’s Vice President of Integration Sales and Support, Robert Barry. Barry brings 26 years of Industry field experience to this position, and has an integral role in supporting RISCO’s Commercial Intrusion, Access, Video and Integration platforms in the United States and Canada. Another RES leader is Mr. David Whalley, Director of Sales Support for RISCO Group

USA. A Microsoft Certified Engineer (MSCE 200 + Exchange), Whalley holds a degree in Computer Science and Mechanical Engineering from Rochester Institute of Technology and holds professional certifications in Milestone Platinum, and Lenel CR1000 & CR200 among others.

More details at


Network Access Power Controllers from Altronix

Altronix is demonstrating its new advanced series of Network Access Power Controllers designated Entrada at ASIS 2009. The first product unveiled in this series is Entrada-16 – a versatile access power controller with Web browser interface. Entrada-16 features password-protected local or remote IP connectivity, which facilitates programming and allows for viewing system status. An integral touch pad enables manual programming and a backlit easy-to-read LCD displays system status at a glance. In addition, email notification reports specific system conditions which may require service, effectively eliminating unnecessary and costly service calls.

Check out Altronix in ASIS Booth 2039


PSIA Gets Arecont and Everfocus Support

The Physical Security Interoperability Alliance, a global consortium of physical security providers focused on promoting interoperability of IP-enabled devices in the industry, used ASIS 2009 to announce that Arecont Vision has implemented the 1.0 API Media Device specification into its MegaVideo H.264 and MegaDome camera lines. Arecont Vision is the security industry’s first camera manufacturer to provide PSIA compliance for H.264 cameras. The implementation enables Arecont Vision’s cameras to be automatically recognized as PSIA-compliant cameras and stream video according to the open standard specification.

Everfocus has also implemented the 1.0 IP Media Device specification into a number of the company’s IP devices. Everfocus added the open interface to its Nevio series IP products, including 2-channel video encoder, 1.3/2 Megapixel IP camera, SD IP camera, outdoor vandal dome IP camera, outdoor bullet IP cameras, and its outdoor/indoor IP speed dome.

Overnight News Report as ASIS Second Day Begins

As the sun rises on the second day of ASIS 2009, it's obvious that a lot of news broke yesterday related to protecting critical infrastructure, partnerships, UL listings and more. Check it out.
Critical Water Treatment Infrastructure Gets Video Protection

At ASIS, Orsus said that Aqua America, the largest U.S.-based investor owned water company, has deployed Situator to integrate and manage multiple security systems and other devices at its water-related facilities across Pennsylvania. The project involves using Situator to monitor and manage Aqua America’s access control, video surveillance, fiber optic intrusion detection, and radar systems. Situator is currently used to integrate and manage data from these systems at Aqua America’s pump stations, water treatment facilities, water storage tanks, and dams. By the end of this year, Aqua America will add well stations, bringing the number of managed sites up to 90. Fire detection systems will be added beginning early next year, and Aqua America is considering adding SCADA systems at a later date.

Orsus in Booth 1466

Diebold Expands Advanced Dealer Program

Created to engage new distribution channels, the Diebold Advanced Dealer Program will enable leading, pre-certified security dealers to leverage Diebold's best-in-class, advanced monitoring services. The program will expand Diebold's North American delivery network at local and regional levels, while enabling select dealers to provide new services to their customers. Approved dealers will have the opportunity to offer advanced monitoring services without the need to invest in costly infrastructure or additional staff. The Diebold Advanced Dealer Program targets high-end dealers with expertise in Internet Protocol (IP) solutions. Diebold in Booth 1501

Altronix SAV Power Supplies Now UL/cUL Listed

Altronix is showcasing its recently introduced line of SAV DC Wall Mount Power Supplies which are now UL/cUL listed at ASIS 2009. The SAV Series – available in a range of models offering 4, 9, 18 and 36 outputs – provide 12VDC for powering video surveillance cameras and accessories. The line provides 12VDC power distributed via Class 2 rated power limited outputs. Each of the filtered and electronically regulated PTC protected outputs with individual LED indicators also features short circuit and thermal overload protection and include a field-installable three-wire line cord (115/230VAC operation). Altronix in Booth 2039

IDenticard Named Platinum Partner by Mercury Security

IDenticard Systems has been named a Platinum Partner by Mercury Security Corp of Long Beach, Calif. The Platinum Partners Program recognizes the performance and contributions of a select few of Mercury Security's business partners. IDenticard at Booth 3801

Largest Ever HD IP Video System on U.S.-Canadian Border Crossings

Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) has deployed what is believed to be the largest ever High-Definition (HD) IP Video surveillance system to monitor its customs operation on the U.S.-Canadian border and at Vancouver Airport. CBSA chose IndigoVision’s complete IP Video system to upgrade 30 of its land border crossings, transitioning its surveillance from analog/DVR technology to a fully distributed, scalable IP-network based platform. The enhanced video surveillance images and tools assist the CBSA with the enforcement of illegal and threatening acts through the collection of useable evidentiary video images.

Five-hundred IndigoVision HD cameras were installed alongside 500 of the original analog cameras, which are connected to the network. The megapixel HD cameras stream high-quality H.264 video at 15 fps. Due to its advanced H.264 compression technology and unique architecture, the technology allows both standard definition and HD video to be streamed and recorded side-by-side using standard IP networks and storage. This has allowed CBSA to significantly improve its retention period for recorded video, even when taking into account the increased storage requirements of HD video.

IndigoVision in Booth 1409

New Methodology for Reducing Costs Improving Efficiency and Effectiveness

Andrews International, the largest privately-owned U.S. full-service provider of security and risk mitigation services, today introduced a state-of-the-art analysis service for its enterprise customers that comprehensively evaluates the effectiveness of security operations in order to reduce costs and improve efficiency and effectiveness. The new service is based on Andrews’ proprietary Security Effectiveness and Efficiency (SEE) methodology, which includes matching security resources to risk profiles, maximizing the integration of uniformed guards and electronic security assets, and accurately projecting return on investments (ROI) through industry-specific financial models. 

Already, the SEE Analysis has been used to evaluate enterprise security programs across several key industries including high-tech and manufacturing. According to a Fortune 500 global manufacturer, the SEE Analysis identified actionable improvements that will enable the organization to reduce uniformed guard costs by 20 percent across its US headquarters and manufacturing sites, while enhancing the strength of its security operations.

Andrews International at Booth 769

G4S Wackenhut Launches Hi-Tech Security Monitoring and Data Center

G4S Wackenhut goes "live" this month with a new state-of the-art remote security monitoring and data center in the United States. Based outside of Boston, the G4S Security Monitoring Data Center (SMDC) surpasses the capabilities of traditional central station alarm monitoring by providing advanced features like virtual video guard tours and remote access control systems, according to the firm. The center provides other remote hosted services to customers, such as incident, visitor and gate management, access control system monitoring, as well as the typical central station alarm monitoring. In addition, the center can store and retrieve customer data allowing for on-demand video playback and event analysis. The center's web portal provides customers with instant access to detailed reports and video clips as well as advanced functionality like video content analysis, video alarm response and behavior recognition algorithms. G4S Wackenhut in Booth 1818

VideoIQ and Milestone Boost Integration
VideoIQ, with its intelligent surveillance camera with a built-in DVR, and Milestone Systems, a provider of open platform IP video management software, announced during the first day at the ASIS International Exhibits that VideoIQ’s iCVR product line is now integrated with Milestone XProtect. VideoIQ iCVR cameras and encoders now work with version 6.5 of Milestone XProtect Enterprise and version 2.0 of XProtect Corporate IP video management platforms. Milestone’s open video management software enabled the integration to leverage the capabilities of the VideoIQ iCVR to provide cost-effective and easily-installed video analytics systems. The integrated solution uses the XProtect interface for monitoring alarms, viewing live video and responding to security threats identified by the VideoIQ iCVR. In addition, XProtect Enterprise allows access to the video stored in the iCVR as if it were a single channel DVR, providing the bandwidth savings that have made the iCVR so popular. Integration also includes management of the audio, alarm inputs, alarm output and PTZ controls in the iCVR through both Corporate and Enterprise platforms.Check in out at Milestone Systems Booth 4445

Enterprise Resiliency Assessment Service Launched at ASIS

iJET Intelligent Risk Systems, a provider of global intelligence and business resiliency services, started talking availability of its Enterprise Resiliency Assessment service. A critical exercise for any organization serious about implementing a comprehensive risk management, continuity or resiliency program, the Enterprise Resiliency Assessment provides an in-depth, third-party evaluation of an existing program. The service benchmarks programs against industry peers, identifies successes to build upon and highlights gaps upon which to improve. Ultimately the Enterprise Resiliency Assessment service helps companies focus their resiliency efforts where it will have the most advantage, enabling them to operate in today’s volatile business climate with a competitive advantage.

iJet in Booth 1015

Dortronics’ Electric Strikes Receive UL Listing

The Dortronics 3300 Series Electric Strikes were tested to withstand a 1,000 lb. pull test, run through 250,000 cycles and are now UL Listed Burglary Resistant Electric Strikes. On display at ASIS 2009, the popular series is compatible with most aluminum door frame cutouts and is suitable for most wood and hollow metal door frames. The 3300 Series Electric Strikes come complete with an ANSI strike plate for hollow metal door frames or with a 9-inch-tall strike plate for installation on wood door frames. Both styles can accommodate a deep door latch keeper.

Dortronics in Booth 639

Technology from SG Digital allows installers to offer HD resolution to their customers without having to learn IP and networking, making this a seamless and realistic transition to HD, according to the vendor.

First-ever at ASIS International: Accolades Program Recognizes Most Innovative Products, Services and Solutions

It’s a new program that will draw industry-wide attention at the Anaheim show as well as after it, too. ASIS invited exhibitors at the ASIS International 55th Annual Seminar and Exhibits to submit new technology, product or service solutions for evaluation and judging for the first annual Accolades competition.

A team of judges representing end users and experts in security technologies evaluated more than 130 entries before selecting the top 10 winners. ASIS Accolades are solutions oriented, not product specific.
Accolades winners and their products/solutions will be highlighted, along with other new products on the exhibits floor, during the seminar’s “What’s New on the Floor” session, on Monday, Sept. 21 at 1:30 p.m.

The winners (with booth numbers) are:

Alert Enterprise, #2242

A risk management, monitoring, incident and fraud detection solution that can help detect risks and offer a way to remediate these risks in real time. Includes powerful alerting, automated remediation and actionable geo-spatial capabilities.

BRS Labs, #601
AISight [pronounced eye-sight]

AISight is the first learning-based behavioral analytics solution. Based on an observe-learn-respond methodology, AISight observes video, learns about normal behavior patterns in complex environments and then alerts when it recognizes abnormal or potentially threatening behavior.

On-Net Surveillance Systems, Inc. (ONSSI), #1639
Ocularis Physical Security Information Management Platform

Ocularis, OnSSI’s award-winning video-centric PSIM, is a unified platform with unprecedented levels of user intuitiveness, open architecture and scalability. Ocularis provides the most advanced, unified client applications for video detection, analysis delivery and response at all enterprise levels.

Optelecom-NKF, #4019
Siqura TrafficServer

The first quad stream (MPEG2, MPEG4, H.264, MJPEG) and full-featured video server on the market that automatically detects incidents in tunnels, stopping situations from escalating and saving lives.

RCI Rutherford Controls, #3919
EW8310 Early Warning – Electromagnetic Lock

The New RCI Early Warning EW8310 with Early Warning detection capabilities provides an extra layer of security by acting as if there is a security guard at every door.

Scallop Imaging, #3935
Digital Window D7-180 camera

Provides an undistorted 180 degree video simultaneously with an instantly repositionable zoom view at 15 fps. It replaces multiple cameras and is the smallest camera in its class.

Spectrum San Diego, Inc., #983

CarSCAN provides an ultra-low dose dual-energy X-ray imaging system providing rapid and reliable detection of explosives, contraband and stowaways in cars and light trucks. CarSCAN significantly increases the detection capabilities at military checkpoints and other high-security locations.

TimeSight Systems, Inc., #1650
TimeSight Intelligent Networked Video Recorder (NVR) Systems with Motion Optimized Recording (MORe)

TimeSight NVR systems are the first to automate the practice of Video Lifestyle Management. They address the need for higher video image resolution and longer retention times, while controlling a company’s surveillance storage investment.

Trigion, #1373

The BeWare concept combines intelligent sensor technology, high-performance data analysis and modeling and 3D virtualization techniques into a complete system for incident detection and prevention, control room decision support, security design and security staff training.

Universal Safety Response, #4162
Expeditionary Mobile Barrier

A revolution in mobile barrier technology, this reduced-risk active vehicle barrier system has applications ranging from military to transportation to law enforcement. It protects vehicle occupants from injury, yet brings vehicles to a complete stop in a predictable distance with minimal damage.
Accolades winners will be recognized at a seminar luncheon attended by more than 2,000 people on Monday, Sept. 21.

Interoperability is the Word: PSIA-compliant Devices at ASIS

The Physical Security Interoperability Alliance, a global consortium of physical security providers focused on developing and promoting standards for IP-enabled devices, will showcase the interoperability of PSIA-compliant products during an ASIS demonstration.

At the plug fest, leading IP device manufacturers including GE Security, IQInVision, Milestone Systems, Arecont Vision, Everfocus, HikVision and Synectics will demonstrate and test the interoperability of IP products implemented with the PSIA 1.0 API Media Device specification. The demonstration will be held on Tuesday, Sept. 22, 2009, at 3 p.m. at the Hilton Anaheim, adjacent to the Anaheim Convention Center.

Peep across the Street: HD DVR Tech Awaits

SG Digital tells the SDM ASIS Blog about its HDSDI-4120, which transmits four channels of uncompressed 1280 x 720 image resolution over coax using serial digital interface transmission. Better known as HD-SDI, it has been used for years in the broadcasting industry. HD CCTV achieves 30 FPS per camera for live viewing as well as on playback. Unlike IP, which packetizes images into files in the camera before sending them to the DVR; HD CCTV transmits HD images over coaxial cabling without buffering. There is a zero learning curve for the installation and use of HD CCTV. Check it out in the Sunset room, fourth floor at the Hilton Hotel for a demonstrating the HDSDI-4120 during ASIS. The Hilton is across the way from the official ASIS event.

Open-System Vendors Demonstrate IP Interoperability

Four leading open-system vendors announced today that they will be supporting a joint live demonstration of IP technology interoperability at ASIS 2009. Exacq Technologies, Firetide, IQinVision and Pivot3, will show how standards-based solutions from open-system vendors can be easily integrated and supported in the field. End users, specifiers, and resellers will see how these open-system vendors are collaborating to speed adoption of the latest technologies to the market.

Show attendees can visit Pivot3 Booth 453, Exacq Booth 347, Firetide Booth 447, and IQinVision Booth 353 for specific technology integration questions and answers.

Linear Completes Consolidation Of International Electronics, Inc.

Linear LLC has completed the transition of all business operations of International Electronics, Inc. (IEI) to Linear’s headquarters. No changes have been made with the IEI sales team, which remains in place as the primary liaison for the IEI product family.

Evolving to leverage both technology advances and the Internet, IEI’s product lines include access control solutions for single doors, PC based networked systems and embedded browser based integrated access control security management systems.

Now that the operations transfer is complete, Linear is committed to investing in improving its support functions. With additional staff, and ongoing training initiatives, both customer service and technical support staff will continue to raise support levels for IEI and Linear products.

Keltron Ethernet Signaling System Receives UL Listing

Keltron Corporation, a provider of life safety event management systems is pleased to announce that the company’s newest alarm monitoring system, the Keltron LS Net Ethernet Signaling System is now UL 864 ninth edition listed. The system enables dispatchers and administrators at campuses, multi-building facilities and municipalities to monitor alarms using their existing Ethernet communications infrastructure. In Booth 2853 at ASIS.

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