From Video to iPhone

Video Surveillance Solution for Large and Megapixel Deployments


Integration was a theme at last week’s ASIS 2009. For example, Rasilient Systems told reporters it had successfully integrated Intel Corporation's Modular Server built on Intel Multi-Flex Technology with its new PixelStor line of IPSAN storage product into a turnkey video surveillance solution.

Developed for the video surveillance market, PixelStor is a scalable IPSAN that addresses the numerous challenges normally found in large or high-resolution video surveillance deployments. At ASIS 2009, the company demonstration consisted of one Intel Modular Server with six internal compute modules running MileStone NVR (Network Video Recorder) software and using PixelStor as the primary storage.


Pushing Security Alarm Information to iPhone


While Schlage’s remote phone application grabs national attention on the homeowner front, others are doing the same thing. For instance, Optellios has developed a mobile alarm monitoring platform, the FiberPatrol iPatrol software, capable of communicating valuable security information to people on the move. It allows for instant communication of alarm information to security personnel for assessing security threats in real-time. The phone will display the exact GPS location on a satellite image and calculate the directions to the location of the alarm. Additional features include the ability to relay the alarm to others for a coordinated response, and view and control live cameras for closer inspection of the situation.

Last ASIS Exhbit Day: Still More Products

Video Software at Verint


There are additions to its family of multiport encoders, along with the next release of its patent-protected Nextiva Enterprise Video Management software. These integrated solutions are the latest enhancements to the industry-leading Nextiva IP Video portfolio from Verint Video Intelligence Solutions, and are designed to deliver a flexible and scalable IP video management platform to organizations around the world.

The introduction of its environmentally-friendly Nextiva S1808e and S1816e multiport encoders represent the latest addition to the Nextiva portfolio, and are the result the company’s decade-long track record that includes deploying close to one million multiport encoder inputs. The Nextiva S1808e and S1816e multiport encoders are enterprise-class solutions designed to deliver high-resolution images for recorded and live video, and support H.264 and MPEG-4 video up to 4CIF/30fps on all ports. By incorporating the robust H.264 video encoding technology, the solutions can help enable lower total cost of ownership (TCO), decreased bit rate and storage consumption by up to 50 percent, less power requirements and seamless integration with the company’s Nextiva Video Management software.

Verint Video Systems in Booth 3164


Belden 3600 Pre-Terminated 'Green' Cabling


Belden, in the development of signal transmission products for the enterprise, industrial, building management, broadcast, and security markets, introduces the new Belden 3600 Pre-Terminated Cabling System. Belden's eco-friendly Pre-Term Made Easy cabling solution delivers robust and reliable Category 6 performance, making it ideal for installation in data centers and office environments.

The 3600 Pre-Terminated Cabling System is easy and convenient to configure and install it can reduce installation time and labor costs by as much as 90 percent. Since all system components are factory-tested, there is no need for the extensive testing and troubleshooting typically required in cabling installations. In addition, this "green" system provides for plug-and-play installation and component reusability, resulting in lower cost and less waste. The system is fully supported under Belden's IBDN 3600 Certification Program, including guaranteed bandwidth of 280 MHz and Belden's 25-Year IBDN Product Warranty.

At the heart of Belden's 3600 Pre-Terminated Cabling System are the following core components:

3600 Pre-Terminated Cable Assemblies - small, flexible cable assembly design, combined with RJ45 plugs, allows for fast, easy installation and termination. The use of a braided sleeve and pulling eyes provides additional protection when pulling and routing the assemblies through overhead trays, raised floors, cabinet poke-throughs and cable management hardware.

The cable assemblies come in standardized 6-cable bundles. Each 23 AWG 4-pair cable features Belden's patented Bonded-Pair technology to ensure Category 6 performance and reliability, before and after installation. The assemblies are available in 1-ft increments from 6-50 ft assembly lengths, and in 5-ft increments from 55 to 295 ft assembly lengths. Each is labeled with a unique serial number and bar code for easier asset management.

CAT6+ RJ45 Modular Couplers - the inherent simplicity of this RJ45-RJ45 feed-through coupler (or inline coupler) brings modularity and flexibility to the 3600 System, along with a new and higher level of RJ45 plug-and-play performance. The Coupler also provides outstanding transmission performance in short and long channels and it is reusable and reconfigurable for both front and back patch panel reconfiguration. And since the Coupler is compatible with Belden's full line of KeyConnect(TM) modular patch panels, adapters and faceplates there is no need for special installation hardware.

Second Exhibit Day: Booths Full of New Products

Symmetry Series Video Servers and Encoders

The new Symmetry series operates on the edge of the network and is fully integrated with Symmetry Video Management software to provide a powerful digital video system. When integrated with any of AMAG’s Symmetry access control software, customers will have a vigorous security management solution that will accommodate any size installation. It works with existing pan/tilt/zoom and fixed analog cameras and supports a company’s migration to high performance IP cameras. Companies can upgrade to IP cameras at their own pace while maintaining a high level of security with no additional server upgrade costs.

AMAG in Booth 1623


Enterprise-class Video Surveillance from NICE for Small and Mid-sized Deployments

NiceVision eXpress IP video surveillance solution is for small- and mid-sized deployments. “NICE’s ‘entry to enterprise’ strategy with NiceVision eXpress is aligned with today’s security market needs,” said Bill Bozeman, CEO of the PSA Security Network. “Just because a security organization starts off small with their initial video surveillance deployment, doesn’t mean they should have to settle for less. Now they can have the best of both worlds by investing in a solution that is easy and cost effective to implement, yet fully upgradeable to enterprise-class capabilities.” NiceVision eXpress supports IP, megapixel, analog and hybrid environments, enabling a seamless upgrade path and investment protection, allowing organizations to expand their capacity and capabilities as their needs grow. Available as a software only solution or turnkey solution that can be hosted on a single server, NiceVision eXpress integrates with third party access control systems and other security systems, and is compatible with NICE’s existing line of world-class NVRs, DVRs and encoders.

NICE at Booth 1349


Identity on Demand Services from HID Global

At ASIS 2009, HID Global has launched Identity on Demand (IoD), a unique service offering that provides expertise and speed needed to make custom credential and ID badge projects successful. Offering card design, database management and card personalization, IoD services manages the administrative tasks of customer ID projects by producing credentials quickly, efficiently and within budget. The new service represents a consolidation of experience and process refinement for delivering card issuance services in a secure, fast and convenient manner. From laminated artwork and anticounterfeiting techniques to variable record printing and advanced personalization, IoD services delivers the global know-how, tools, delivery services, speed and ongoing support needed to ensure the success of even the most demanding credential program.

HID Global in Booth 2919


Modular Electronic Locks Protect Access Control Investment

The new Schlage AD-Series electronic locks provide options to truly customize the access control solution, quickly migrate to future needs and provide seamless integration, now and later, at a lower cost of ownership. The modular, open architecture AD-Series lets users customize door openings with options such as credential reader type, networking, finish and levers to create a perfect fit. Yet, as their business needs change, so can their access control solution to new credential technologies, a variety of network protocols, increased security levels and system expansions. Upgrades can be as simple as interchanging a module.

IR Schlage in Booth 2743


Brivo AppStack Complements ACS WebService

Brivo Systems LLC, in Software-as-a-Service applications for security management, used ASIS 2009 to announce formation of the Brivo AppStack, a catalog of complementary security management resources available with Brivo’s hosted ACS WebService. All of Brivo’s ACS WebService customers can take advantage of the AppStack’s resources, applications, and integrated products, which include software offerings from Brivo and partners Axis Communications, HID Global, Dedicated Micros, Pelco, Speco Technologies, Samsung Electronics, EasyLobby, Timeware Inc.,

EZ Inc., and Ultra Electronics. The AppStack is a menu of offerings that enable integrators to create just the right security management solution for each of their ACS WebService customers.

Brivo at Booth 1209


RF IDeas Launches Three New Card Reader Products

RF IDeas launched its pcSwipe magnetic stripe, pcProx PCMCIA and USB thumb-drive card readers this week. The new pcSwipe intelligent magnetic stripe card reader is an efficient solution for customers wanting to leverage their existing base of magnetic stripe card-carrying personnel. The reader is compatible with the billions of magnetic stripe cards circulated worldwide and has been designed to meet the identification and security needs of customers in many different environments and industries.

RF IDeas in Booth 2360


Bosch Intelligent Video Analysis Software

Enabling calibration of camera in 2 min, Intelligent Video Analysis (IVA) software v4.0 includes a tool that reports on how accurately camera is calibrated. IVA 4.0 focuses strongly on ease of setup, and reducing false alarms. With the new interactive setup tool it takes an average installer about two minutes to calibrate a camera. The tool also includes 'accuracy feedback', reporting how accurately the camera is calibrated. In addition, a new head detection filter detects human head and shoulder contours to reliably classify people in a scene and further reduce false alarms. IVA 4.0 also comes bundled with a new vector-based direction-detection motion algorithm: IVA 4.0 Flow, providing in effect two powerful algorithms for intelligent video analysis.

Bosch Security Systems at Booth 2331


PSIM Software Monitors and Updates Situation Management in Real-Time

In the VidSys Booth, it unveiled its dynamic situation management capabilities available in the newest version of the company's PSIM software. Along with its existing ability to correlate multiple incoming events, the VidSys PSIM solution now has the unique ability to dynamically change the business logic and threshold conditions related to an evolving situation to respond to changes as the situation unfolds. A key component to the new release is a common operating platform, built upon the existing common operating picture, that enables real-time dynamic situation management by integrating information from multiple security and operational systems, monitoring the data for changes or escalation in a situation, and automatically redefining what actions need to be taken and the teams that need to be involved to match the changing environment. Additionally, the common operating platform enables more of the intelligence and policies being leveraged to be pushed to the network edge for faster diagnosis, more efficient bandwidth utilization and the ability to integrate a variety of disparate devices.

VidSys in Booth 3947

A First? H.264 10 Megapixel Camera

From Arecont Vision, the AV10005 camera offers 3,648 x 2,752 resolution at up to 5 frames per second with dual H.264/MJPEG encoding. Targeting the most demanding surveillance applications, the camera provides full-format 10-megapixel resolution at full frame and H.264 compression types. The camera provides multiple variable frame rates, bit rates, resolutions and compression quality. Available bit rate control maintains desired bandwidth. Real-time streaming protocol assures compatibility with media QuickTime, Windows Media Player, VLC Player and others.

Arecont Vision in Booth 4401


Hear Harmony as Sargent Adds iCLASS

SARGENT Manufacturing Company is telling ASIS exhibit attendees today that it has added HID iCLASS 13.56 MHz capability to its Harmony Series of access control locking hardware. The Harmony H2 Series provides seamless integration of Grade 1 security into an existing Wiegand-compatible access control system and is available in exit device, cylindrical and mortise lock configurations. Harmony incorporates an iCLASS card reader, Door Position Switch (DPS) and Latchbolt monitoring sensors, as well as Request-to-Exit (REX) signaling. The Harmony Series has a clean, crisp design and is available with many lever styles and hardware finishes to please the architect and designer while at the same time delivering Grade 1 strength and durability to meet the needs of most demanding applications.

Check it out in Sargent Booth 3501


Darkness Comes Clean with Threat Assessment Cameras

From Vumii, new Claritii threat assessment camera systems allow images to appear with natural contrast (not heat blobs), in daylight and at night. Claritii incorporates a new focused-beam LED technology that is able to project LED energy beyond 600 meters, using a 5° concentrated covert beam. Some other noteworthy points:

Check out the images in international go-to-market partner Nasatka Barrier Booth 1655.


SC Black Introduces New DVR Technology

SC Black, the dealer program and fast growing Supercircuits initiative, is unveiling an embedded 16-channel DVR, offering several industry leading features this week at ASIS 2009. This new DVR utilizes the latest in ASIC technology from Mobilygen to offer high resolution H.264 compression and hybrid capabilities for future integration with IP cameras. The DVR also offers real time recording on all channels at D1 resolution, and allows simultaneous playback of all channels (4/8/16) for a more comprehensive and comparative review of recorded images – features that clearly set this unit apart from the competition. The new DH Series offers H.264 compression technology and full D1 recording at 30 fps (frames per second) on all channels, as well as audio recording capability on all channels (4/8/16).

SC Black and Supercircuits in Booth 2759


OnSSI IP Video Platform Integrates BriefCam

On-Net Surveillance Systems, with open-architecture, intelligent IP-based video surveillance software, has expanded the functionality of the Ocularis IP Video Management platform by incorporating BriefCam, Ltd.'s Video Synopsis technology. The new Ocularis Video Synopsis module creates a compressed summary of original full-length video to view time-compressed footage as a video stream within the application without the need to toggle between screens, rather than as an application in a separate window. This allows users to review hours of footage in a few minutes' time for faster identification of key events.

OnSSI at Booth 1639


3-Cabinet SmartKey Locker System

At this week’s ASIS 2009, Morse Watchmans is featuring a three-cabinet configuration for storing and controlling assets. The locker system is designed to accommodate laptop lockers, radio lockers and individual personal item lockers, further illustrating how asset and key control solutions from Morse Watchmans can be tailored for individual requirements.

Morse Watchmans in Booth 2719

PSIM Concept Gets Centralized Command and Control Center Appliance

Going the next level with physical security information systems, the Proximex C100 is designed for small- to mid-sized companies, with PSIM functionality at an affordable price. With its ease of installation, the C100 brings business value to security operations in days instead of months. The Proximex C100 appliance is intended for security environments with little or no IT staff or expertise. It offers a guided tour that simplifies setup and comes pre-installed with best-in-class integration technologies that quickly discover and connect with existing video, access control, video analytics and other devices, according to Proximex. The base unit supports hundreds of sensors as well as operator and administrator workstation clients. Using Integration Modules and pre-defined policy templates, it leverages Surveillint tech to connect and correlate security data from disparate systems and elevate important incidents for response. Additional security systems, sensors and clients can be added without loading additional software.

Proximex in Booth 3443

The Siqura TrafficServer has been honored within the ASIS Accolades program. See it in Booth 4019.

Siqura TrafficServer Top Transformational Product is New at ASIS

In at new product-spotlighting program in conjunction with the ASIS International Conference and Exhibits, one winner is Optelecom-NKF, a provider of Siqura advanced IP video network solutions. It was selected as a winner of the ASIS Accolades – Security’s Best competition recognizing the security industry’s best and most innovative products, services, and solutions.

Siqura TrafficServer, a high quality video server with embedded analytics for traffic management and incident management, was judged to be one of the industry’s top Transformational Products or Services. The award recognizes Optelecom-NKF for taking an existing technology or service and changing it completely in function and purpose for use in an innovative security application.

The intelligent solution is for traffic applications, combining incident detection, traffic data collection, and camera monitoring in a single temperature-hardened module. Embedded analytics delivers real-time data and image information optimizing traffic control and delivering accurate incident detection.

Optelecom-NKF in Booth 4019

IQmanager optimizes IQeye camera systems, regardless of whether their install base is a few cameras or hundreds of cameras.

Software to Manage Net Cameras

IQinVision (showing in Booth 353) releases IQmanager system software for managing IQeye network cameras, among its HD megapixel network cameras, smart IP cameras, and network video recording systems. IQmanager enables network managers to easily edit and update IQeye cameras with an intuitive, intelligent software support tool.  It can find local and remote cameras, perform batch updates, cut and paste camera configurations, and even perform basic camera diagnostics. 

IQinVision in Booth 353

The SV-3200 is the first network security appliance that offers true backward and forward compatibility, according to Genetec

It’s a Converging Appliance World for Genetec

Genetec will tell attendees at ASIS about the availability of Omnicast through IONODES’ new network security appliance, the SV-3200 Network Security Appliance. Genetec continually makes efforts to expand its ecosystem of supported hardware, making this initiative one of many which aims to port the Genetec software to network security appliances.

The video surveillance market is rapidly shifting to IP-driven solutions using IP cameras, IP management software and network storage. The SV-3200 powered by Genetec combines all of the flexibility of a sophisticated IP video surveillance solution with the simplicity of a single appliance. Currently powered by Genetec’s IP video surveillance solution, Omnicast, the SV-3200 is also designed to be powered by other Genetec security applications, making it an all encompassing network security appliance.

Another product, the Security Center will allow Genetec’s customers to benefit from the unsurpassed scalability of an all-in-one platform, the simplicity of a task-based user interface and a variety of rich features available for both video and access control such as consolidated reporting and alarm management.”

Some features of the Security Center include Microsoft Active Directory integration for synchronizing users and cardholders, system partitioning for multi-tenant applications, and Federation for designing virtual systems consisting of hundreds of remote video and access control systems.

Genetec in Booth 4201

Enterprise Approach Thanks to Tridium in Booth 1319

Breaking from traditional security offerings, Tridium's Enterprise Security leverages the proven technology of the NiagaraAX Framework to provide a world-class solution for a range of security applications. Enterprise Security provides unparalleled interoperability not only within traditional security environments, but also extends seamlessly to create a unified, intelligent building by integrating with today's diverse facility systems including environmental controls, lighting, energy management, fire and video. 

Tridium in Booth 1319

Mifare Reader, New Access Control Unit

From Paxton Access (Booth 321), Net2 plus is a new control unit for the Net2 access control system. It has an on-board RJ45 socket to connect to a TCP/IP network in the same way as any other IP device, removing the need for a separate piece of hardware. The Net2 plus control unit can also be used as a TCP/IP to RS485 converter for when it is not possible to get a network point exactly where you want it. The multi-format Mifare reader makes Paxton Access’ reader is for sites where tokens are used for multiple applications, offering a really flexible security solution.

Paxton Access in Booth 321

Better Focus during IP Camera Installation

From Veracity USA (Booth 1953), its Theia PinPoint product takes the pain out of focusing during camera installation.  It allows you to focus IP cameras quickly and easily by powering the camera with PoE while viewing the image locally on a computer or handheld through a wireless connection. The exhibitor will be giving away a free Pinpoint device to the first 20 customers of Theia lenses following the ASIS show.

Veracity USA in Booth 1953

Network Appliance for Managing Physical Security

Linear LLC, in IEI Booth 657, has a new product from its International Electronics’ (IEI) product group, eMerge Version 3.3, the latest of the well-known eMerge family of network appliances for managing physical security. The eMerge platform provides access control, video management, event monitoring, interactive reporting, and alarm panel interface -- all in one integrated system. It has a substantially upgraded architecture, including an expanded system memory for full on-board backups, custom reports tailored to individual needs, an enhanced ODBC compliant database, regional anti-passback, LDAP user authentication.

AMAG Technology Displays New STENTOFON Communication Integration

AMAG Technology, Booth 1623, has been chosen by STENTOFON to display its new AlphaCom E1U audio server.  AMAG’s Symmetry Security Management System seamlessly integrates with the AlphaCom E1U to provide network based audio.  AMAG is the only partner STENTOFON has chosen to display its new product. The AlphaCom E1U server combines the latest IP and embedded networking technologies, and comes in a single rack space and allows 552 intercom IP stations.

Video Decoding Accelerator Plug-in for Milestone XProtect Smart Client

Matrox Graphics, Booth 1177,  is showing a new VDA-1164 Video Decoding Accelerator plug-in for full integration with the Milestone XProtect Smart Client. The new VDA plug-in is designed for security surveillance consoles running the high-end Milestone Desktop Client application to monitor large-scale IP-based security networks. Matrox VDA-1164 accelerates video decoding by alleviating the host CPU and the host data bus of the decoding process to provide stutter-free viewing of full frame rate IP video streams.

New Personalization Systems from Digital Identification Solutions

A new comprehensive program of ID personalization products built on the company’s existing backbone of retransfer printing solutions is being shown in Booth 1902. This new family of products includes a new “Business Line” retransfer printer generation based on the same reliable platform as the current EDIsecure XID5xxie series. The “Business Line” incorporates new manufacturing technology providing for a smaller footprint, less weight and versatility. The new “Business Line” also includes optional single-sided or dual-sided lamination in one pass in the new ILM-LS or DS Laminator, greatly improving productivity and throughput.

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