Aimetis Corp., a global intelligent IP video management software company, announced that the Serbian city of Novi Sad has implemented Aimetis Symphony™ video management and video analytics software as well as 1,000 Axis HDTV network cameras to successfully decrease criminal activity and enhance traffic logistics.


The 1,000 HDTV cameras have been placed throughout public places in the city for use 24 hours a day. A newly constructed data and video monitoring center is used to store video data, as well as provide centralized event management and faster onsite response. Monitoring is also available from police headquarters.


Aimetis Symphony combines features for network video management with video analytics algorithms — all in one unified software platform. It analyzes video data in real-time and provides organizations with intelligent information.


Aimetis provides the city with real-time information alerts based on multiple applications such as motion tracking, object classification, people/vehicle counting, virtual fencing, left/removed objects, dwell time and auto-PTZ tracking.


As a result of this implementation, Serbia’s second largest city reports that its citizens have realized increased security as levels of theft and vandalism have decreased. In addition, city officials say that Novi Sad has experienced vast improvements in traffic logistics.