Bold Media Gateway, which won an ESX Maximum Impact Award earlier this year, is a flexible hardware and software solution that works in conjunction with the Manitou alarm automation package to provide a unified communications platform for central stations. Its flexibility allows the Bold Media Gateway to enhance your current business process, dramatically improve efficiency in call and alarm handling, and provides a range of new services and offerings to your customers.

A couple of the new features are:

• TwoWayVoice: A fully integrated two-way voice solution with call-follow technology, ensuring alarms and voice calls are tied together and routed to the correct operator.
• PBXAssistant Scenario: This works with OpenVoice to provide full call control with integrated voice response and routing using Automatic Call Distribution. This allows the most appropriate agent to be located by communicating with the Manitou system. It also ensures agents do not receive unrelated calls when they are handling alarms.

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