What do Doyle Security, Monitronics, Alarmco, and ADT Security Services all have in common? Their employees won top honors last year in the CSAA Central Station Excellence Awards. Named as a central station manager, operator, or support person of the year — as well as a company-awarded Central Station of the Year — these people exemplified the spirit of the awards, which is a commitment to recognizing individuals from every area of the monitoring industry who collectively generate the industry’s reputation of excellence and customer service.

The 2010 Central Station Manager of the Year, Greg Hurst, said, “I told the entire company upon winning that even though my name was listed on the trophy, it truly was a win for team Monitronics. Without all the things we accomplished as a team and the way we conduct business as a company, I would not have been able to be honored as the Manager of the Year.”

There’s a whole sea of people in the monitoring industry who are committed to excellence and service — like Greg — and the CSAA Central Station Excellence Awards provide a chance for the examples of the industry at its best to take front and center stage.

Consider applying now for the 2011 Central Station Excellence Awards at: http://www.csaaul.org/CSAACSAwards.htm. The awards recognize any UL, ETL or FM-listed central station (CSAA members and non-members) and outstanding personnel who perform in the highest professional manner, thereby making a significant contribution to the betterment of the alarm industry and the alarm profession while demonstrating exceptional service to their customers and community. The CSAA Central Station Excellence Awards are sponsored by SDM Magazine.

Don’t delay… download your application today. All applications must be received by CSAA on or before Friday, March 18, 2011. Apply at http://www.csaaul.org/CSAACSAwards.htm