Kevin Lehan

Thank you all for making the first IESA Legislative Day in Springfield a success!

From the reports I've received from the 95 attendees, we were able to make personal contacts with many lawmakers across the state who agree with our opposition to House Bill 1301. Just as important, we made stops in every single legislator's office to drop off informational material, which demonstrates our strength and ability to organize.

But this was just the first of many steps to be taken. Although the IESA does not expect HB1301 will be called out of committee by today's deadline, we must vigilantly watch a half dozen other bills that impact the Fire Protection District Act so this detrimental language is not attached as an amendment.

Additionally, the IESA has its own legislative agenda we will be pushing in the years to come. Going forward, the Illinois alarm industry will be much more proactive to control our own destiny as opposed to being reactive to other's actions.

Individually, alarm dealers MUST become involved in their community's government and watch for local ordinances that will have the same impact of House Bill 1301. Should this happen, please let the IESA know right away.

To accomplish our state-wide goals, we will need even greater participation from the Illinois alarm industry. We need each of the  500+ licensed alarm agencies to join as members and for manufacturers, distributors and related service providers to become association sponsors or advertisers in the IESA Protection Connection newsletter. 

Don’t wait any longer — join today and become an active and contributing member of the IESA. Collectively, we must keep the momentum going so we can reach our goals.

  (Membership, advertising and sponsorship information is available at

For more information about the IESA and what you can do to help us achieve our legislative goals, contact me at 1-630-305-8800.