Honeywell has published a blog post ( showcasing a holiday music video the company produced that features the Tuxedo Touch.

“This time of year is a good time to remind ourselves that our industry doesn’t just sell gadgets and cool technology or provide just another service – our industry provides something very tangible and important – and that is safety, security and comfort for real people all year long,” shared David Gottlieb Global Marketing Communications Leader for Honeywell, in the blog post.

“It was a different approach for us since we worked with a Nashville band to create an original song called You’re My Heart. We then produced a music video with local Nashville talent that focuses on a young family during the holiday season. We announced the video on Friday through our social media channels using the hashtag #honeywellheart,” Honeywell described to SDM.

The song is free to download for dealers and consumers.

Warning…The song is catchy!