A shout out to Clinton Electronics, headquartered in Loves Park, Ill., for multi-tasking. The company both a) solved a common CCTV nuisance (spiders) and b) made us smile with its video announcing a solution.

Spiders and their webs are a nuisance most outsiders are unaware of, but nonetheless remain one that security dealers do have to deal with. Spiders, attracted to the heat from cameras’ infrared illuminators and the light often mounted near cameras, come and spin their webs and obstruct the view. Clinton Electronics’ video announces a new anti-spider technology that emits a special high-frequency signal that detracts spiders from making a web over the lens the camera.

Simple solutions can make a big difference in business. Less truck rolls, no calls to pest control. Check out the new solution from Clinton Electronics at www.Clinton Electronics.com and watch the video.