Anixter, a global distributor of Network & Security Solutions, Electrical & Electronic Solutions and Utility Power Solutions, recently hosted a Media Day at its headquarters in Glenview, Ill. Focusing on who Anixter is, especially since the recent acquisition of Tri-Ed, and what they do, Media Day gave visitors a clear picture of the company and its capabilities in general.

Presentations highlighted Anixter’s unique global distribution model and how it can well serve the integrator community. Other topics covered were upcoming industry trends and how Anixter is proactively responding to them, as well as a strong customer testimonial from Brent Edmunds, president and co-founder of Stone Security, that detailed how Anixter has been invaluable to his company’s growth. He referred to Anixter as an extension of his company that helps them maximize opportunities.

Visitors were then given a guided tour of both the testing lab and the demonstration area. In both areas, Anixter’s passion and determination to serve their customers shone through, not only in the sheer number of solutions they offer, but the steadfastness exhibited in figuring out how the products they offer work, what they work best with, and how they can directly benefit their customers.

The demonstration area displayed a variety of solutions from video surveillance, to access control, to data cabinets — just to name a few. In a truly bipartisan environment, each solution is interactive and Anixter employees are able to demonstrate their power and ability to fit every want and need for their customers.

“As you walk through the different rooms, you’ll be able to get a better sense of the different solutions and capabilities that we can bring to an opportunity. The ability to bring customers in and talk about technology, about trends, talk about solutions, and do it in a supplier-neutral environment has been tremendous for both Anixter and our customers,” said Andrew Jimenez, vice president of technology and security solutions, Anixter.

Dealers and integrators across the country can benefit from Anixter’s Solutions Briefing Centers which include demo equipment and a customer briefing area.

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