Dozens of area residents attended an online demonstration of IntraLogic Solution’s ALERT (Active Law Enforcement Response Technology) system this fall, hosted by the Coconut Creek, Fla. police department. The program focused on how the safety technology and software will make Coconut Creek businesses and residents safer. The program was led by Coconut Creek Police Chief Albert A. Arenal, Lt. Scott Slavin, and IntraLogic Solutions’ CEO Lee Mandel.

During an emergency, ALERT allows businesses, schools, churches, or government locations that are part of the system to immediately communicate with police departments, giving law enforcement real-time access to their surveillance cameras, security systems, and other technology.

“Business owners and operators needed to know that this technology is easy to install and activate during emergencies,” said Police Chief Arenal. “The ALERT technology allows us to have critical information quickly. This gives us greater situational awareness and reduces response times dramatically. Saving time saves lives. Our goal is to have all our local businesses, event venues, schools, and government buildings connected with us.”

IntraLogic originally developed ALERT for use in schools. The system is triggered by any emergency, such as fires, break-ins, health emergencies, or active shooter situations. ALERT’s software immediately connects with cameras, giving police live feeds and allowing them to access and control building security systems. Police are given floor plans and maps and control of electronic door locks, access control systems, and PA systems.

“With this technology, it is possible in a short period of time for Coconut Creek to be among the safest communities in the United States,” said IntraLogic’s Mandel. “The key is to have wide adoption of this technology and for businesses, schools and event venues to partner with the Coconut Creek Police Department.”

To assist in its ALERT installation, the Coconut Creek Police Department received a grant from School Safety Grant, an organization founded by parents of school violence victims, members of law enforcement, and national school safety advocates. Police departments in Coral Springs and Margate, Fla. are also in the process of integrating the ALERT technology.