The Tyco Software House iSTAR Ultra G2, a next generation door controller designed for cyber resiliency, provides customers with faster processing power, advanced enterprise functionality and the building blocks needed for future expansion. Ideal for mid-size to large scale deployments in higher education, healthcare, government, data center, industrial and manufacturing facilities, the iSTAR Ultra G2 is a highly flexible door controller, supporting both wired and wireless locksets, with expanded memory capacity to ensure the device grows with customer needs. It can manage up to one million credentials for up to 32 doors. Advanced enterprise features such as dual GigE network ports using TLS 1.3 network authentication and cluster-based anti-passback provide the power to handle the most demanding access control applications. Its advanced hardware-based cybersecurity protection using Trusted Execution Environment means that the controller assures confidentiality of code and data to help combat the most sophisticated hackers. The TEE guards against cyberattacks while the OSDP Secure Channel communication standard provides encrypted two-way communication between devices, including readers and controllers. Onboard public key infrastructure authentication services means it is a self-contained high-assurance solution and does not require third-party devices for authentication. The controller uses the same form factor as other iSTAR door controllers, so it fits easily into existing control panel boxes. 

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