Matrix COSEC ARGO FACE simplifies security concerns. With higher processing power, two in-built cameras, and a deep learning algorithm, it easily adapts to facial changes as well as serves as a surveillance grade camera. With features such as impact-resistant and scratch-proof Gorilla glass, dust and water resistance, and vandal resistance, Matrix COSEC ARGO FACE covers all-around aspects of high-end access control devices. With the integration of multiple credentials, this device stays tech-savvy and future-ready. The solution offers contactless authentication, high-speed Identification eliminating grouping, accurate imaging even in low light conditions, and more. Additional features include: multiple credentials inclusive of contactless technology—face, BLE and card; deep face learning algorithm with adaptive understanding; weatherproof and vandal resistant; capacity to store 200,000 face templates and maintain up to 50,000 users.

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