The Radar PTZ camera combines advanced radar detection and a 4 MP hi-res network speed dome with long-range zoom capabilities. The camera operates effectively 24/7 in virtually any weather or lighting condition with the ability to detect intrusion and line-crossing events. It is the ideal, high-performance, high-value solution for a wide range of applications at airports, railways, museums, oil and gas fields, warehouses and manufacturing facilities, and other locations that demand high performance perimeter protection. It features millimeter wave radar that enables precise accuracy, pinpointing the distance, velocity, and angle of a specific location in all weather conditions including restricted air quality such as smog and dust. The device supports multi-target positioning, pattern tracking and linked camera tracking in multiple directions. It also has the ability to filter out false alarms using various event detections that employ intelligent algorithm analysis. The camera can visually identify targets up to 328 ft. away using 40x optical and 16x digital zoom with smart IR technology that features a range of up to 660 ft. The camera also supports people density detection in the panoramic channel.

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