Ring Alarm Pro is a single device that helps protect you from break-ins, fires, and even freezing and floods for reliable whole-home security. Plus, the built-in eero Wi-Fi 6 router provides fast, reliable connectivity to support all your devices. With the Ring Protect Pro subscription, users’ connected devices can stay online with 24/7 Backup Internet, which keeps your devices — including laptops and security cameras — online and functioning with cellular data. When the internet goes out, users have 3GB of cellular data included per month, which means they can record approximately 300 Ring videos, 1.5 hours of video streaming, or two hours of video calls on a laptop. Additionally, with Ring Protect Pro, users get access to optional professional monitoring, eero Secure security features such as threat protection, ad blocking, and content filtering, as well as the Alexa Guard Plus hands-free emergency helpline. Users can now store and process Ring videos from select devices locally on Ring Alarm Pro with Ring Edge. Simply insert the included 64GB microSD card (ships separately) into your Ring Alarm Pro and choose which of your Ring cameras you’d like to connect. With 64GB, users can store approximately 47 hours of Ring video clips.

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