The DF8 Series of IR PTZ cameras has three models. The camera offers a 1/1.2-in. sensor with 4K resolution and 42x optical zoom lens to enable wide area surveillance with crystal clear images, even in challenging lighting conditions. A number of advanced features enable the DF8 Series to deliver outstanding performance even in extremely broad open areas. Larger sensors — including 1/1.2-inch on the 8 MP DarkFighter — provide a higher level of detail in darkness. Gyroscope image stabilization maintains a stable image when the environment has strong winds or other instability. Intelligent features include a deep learning algorithm to identify humans, vehicles and other objects, as well as an intelligent rapid focus function to position the camera rapidly and accurately on a target. A built-in glass heater stabilizes the temperature of the camera, protecting it from low temperatures and fog, extending the lifetime of components and ensuring precise imaging in harsh weather conditions. The DF8 Series cameras are well-suited for broad area surveillance in applications such as rivers and forests, roads, railways, airports, ports, city parks and squares, scenic areas, stations, large venues and more.

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