The IDIS intelligent video wall station, designed as a simple plug-in for the cost and license-free IDIS Center VMS, brings the benefits of video wall services to a wider market, including smaller and mid-sized customers. The offering is designed to make it easier for businesses to plan, design, configure and use dynamic video walls. It lets them optimize safety and security, with centralized monitoring for single or multiple-sites, without the traditional price tag. Integrating seamlessly with IDIS’s full line-up of network and analog cameras and devices, as well as third-party technologies, the station uses a single server and network wall controller to manage up to 12 UHD monitors as standard. The station connects up to 4,096 cameras and lets operators monitor 64 panes simultaneously, including dewarped 360-deg. fisheye video. Users can easily customize their monitors to display the most critical video streams and event data to provide a real-time visual overview. Advanced features enable a quicker and more efficient incident response, paired with smoother and more dynamic video search, playback, and forensic export. The new solution combines remote and straightforward configuration with batch firmware updates, simple role-based access management, audit trails and device health monitoring. With H.264 and H.265 dual codec fully supported, users can retain their existing and third-party screens; they can also choose from the IDIS range of reliable, low-power consumption monitors. The solution also integrates seamlessly with the enterprise-level IDIS Solution Suite VMS.