Helixeon Inc., a technology solutions provider based in Republic, Mo., chose VIVOTEK and a total of 34 of its indoor and outdoor security solutions to upgrade security for James River Church and campus in Springfield, Mo. The project was launched in late April and completed in early May 2021.

The church’s former security camera system utilized multiple PTZ cameras, which failed to capture entire areas of the property. Challenges included not only being able to see all areas of the campus, but also in having the ability to count empty seats in the indoor auditorium, as well as to be able to track individuals when necessary.

Because of these coverage gaps, James River Church needed to integrate camera coverage both indoors and out, in low-light and hard-to-see areas of the campus. 

Helixeon installed 15 VIVOTEK FD9189-HT-v2 cameras in the interior hallways and some rooms. This camera series is a H.265 indoor dome network camera equipped with a 5 megapixel sensor, enabling resolution of 2560 x 1920 at 30 fps. It offers both fixed-focal and remote focus lens options. The camera is equipped with IR illuminators with a 30-meter effective range for better night visibility.

Along the campus's main travel areas, Helixeon installed 10 MS9390-HV dual 4-megapixel wide-angle lens design cameras, integrated for both indoor and outdoor use. The camera has SNV (supreme night visibility), WDR Pro technology, 180-degree IR illuminators effective up to 20 meters, and delivers full resolution imagery at 30 fps. It also includes a video alignment feature, providing a 180-degree panoramic view and a higher vertical field of view, capturing an even greater field of view below the point of camera installation.

The installation also included five FD9389-v2 series H.265 dome network cameras equipped with a 5-megapixel sensor enabling resolution of 2560 x 1920 at 30 fps, capable of capturing high-quality imagery in both high contrast and low-light environments. These cameras include IR illuminators with a 30-meter effective range for better night visibility, and offer AI-powered smart motion detection allowing events focusing on human object instead of irrelevant noise.

Finally, to further solidify the church’s indoor and outdoor sanctuaries, installation included four next generation FE9191 12-Megapixel 360 degree panomorph network cameras. These provide comprehensive coverage of open areas such as airports, shopping malls, parking lots, retail stores, offices, and more. It also includes advanced video content analyses, including intrusion, crowd, and loitering detection.

The outcome not only met but surpassed all expectations and goals.

“Our customer now has the ability to see all areas necessary and to go back without having to worry if a PTZ was pointed in the right direction or not,” said Rick Dale, Helixeon owner. “They are very pleased with the overall installation and plan to utilize VIVOTEK at all of their campuses.”