IX Series PC Master Station software offers two options to turn any personal computer into a feature-rich intercom. The IX-SOFT and IXW-MA-SOFT give customers the option to choose between a portable, plug-and-play USB dongle to activate individual personal computers or a multipurpose adaptor for a single PC, a group of five PCs, or a group of 10 PCs. Since the adaptor uses inputs to send task commands to specific PC stations, it provides increased security by remaining in a secure location instead of physically at the station. This adaptor option is important for companies that do not allow the use of USB dongles on computers. The IX-SOFT and IXW-MA-SOFT continue to offer the same benefits and features as all software options for the IX Series physical master stations: efficient selection of stations through the visual interactive map; continual system status checks to operate as expected through device check and line supervision; easy recording of video conversations; large viewing platform for computer screens; and saves space by eliminating need for a physical master station. For those leveraging either the adaptor or USB option, the software can be used on any desktop PC or laptop. Both solutions are applicable for any customer type and continue to provide easy and secure management of intercom systems.

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