The Galileo GO80 4K video wall processor is packed with unique capabilities for viewing and collaboration. Designed for mission-critical applications, it offers exceptional video performance, reliability and advanced features. The processor consolidates critical visual information and data to provide a centralized, correlated view on an array of LCD monitors or seamless LED walls. Source signals are displayed in windows of any size, anywhere on the video wall. Operators can instantly switch and route sources, choose preset display layouts, and pan and zoom to view particular items of interest. It provides a superior video wall viewing experience with real-time throughput and exceptional 4K image quality. The product allows operators to push video content to anyone, anywhere in the world. A single processor can drive multiple video walls or individual displays. Also, operators can select the entire video wall or any region of interest to be encoded as an IP stream for transmission across an Ethernet network. The Galileo GO80 can even encode a baseband signal, whether or not displayed on the wall, and distribute it to remote recipients. The processor supports an extensive range of baseband and IP-based inputs, including analog, AV-over-IP streams, DVI/HDMI, and 3G/HD-SDI. It powers big video walls, with up to 16 outputs at 4Kp60 resolution or 64 at 1080p60 without compromise. 

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