The SD16 provides voltage, current and power measurements for 16 network managed auxiliary outputs. With this solution, the user can obtain real-time power status of the access control panel, readers, REX and other auxiliary devices. Power cycling a device to reset can be accomplished remotely without resetting the entire access control system or taking it offline. With the SD16, frozen access control panels or DC cameras may be remotely reset individually. Custom high and low alert triggers can be set for each output, warning the user of not only current problems, but also pending issues. Featuring an on-board RS485 connection, the SD16 is ideal for remote monitoring applications using distributed power monitoring with LifeSafety Power’s NLX NetLink network communication module. DPM allows a single network module to monitor multiple access control power enclosures from one network drop. The SD16 not only provides monitoring of the remote panels and devices, but also adds environmental and tamper switch monitoring to remote enclosures.

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