The Helix ATS is a rackmount power distribution unit (PDU) and automatic transfer switch (ATS). The PDU serves as a rack power distribution center with added network management for monitoring and control of each power output. Optional Helix ATS functionality uses a second AC input to provide automatic switchover if the primary AC source is compromised. Helix ATS is ideal for data center applications for access control and IT equipment such as servers, switches and firewalls. Helix ATS is configured in a 1U rack height with rear panel AC connections and front panel network, sensor and input connections. The Helix ATS front panel LED display indicates total AC current draw and is fully network managed for instant trouble notification via email/SNMP or through LifeSafety Power’s Multi-Site Manager Enterprise. Using an embedded browser interface, Helix ATS monitors AC input voltages as well as voltage and current of each output. Upper and lower threshold limits can be set for each output, alerting to potential problems with a powered device before a failure occurs. Each output can also be remotely reset through the browser interface.

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