i-PRO’s multi-sensor camera with advanced AI at the edge comes preloaded with four powerful AI analytics applications complemented by an extensive portfolio of versatile features packaged in the thinnest outdoor vandal and weather-resistant configuration available, the company described. The camera is available with three or four imaging sensors in 4K, 6MP and 4MP resolution and incorporates a built-in AI processor enabling advanced analytics to detect people and vehicles and automatically optimize images. The unit offers wider coverage capabilities with a larger tilt range than other multi-sensor cameras on the market, as well as IR LED lighting on select models to ensure image capture in very dark environments. The ability to autonomously detect and differentiate objects in expansive imaging areas allows security personnel to focus on real events of interest, effectively improving their productivity while enhancing overall security. To help ensure the security and integrity of video data, the new i-PRO multi-sensor camera also features FIPS 140-2 level 3 encryption and level 3 compliance, tamper-resistant technology, identity-based authentication and an extra layer of security that protects critical security parameters on the device. 

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