Rockleigh’s LED light fixtures are fully tunable and are designed to add real-time personalized lighting control into the Crestron Home operating system. Through the Crestron Home platform, homeowners have full control of the color of their lights including hue, saturation, color temperature and intensity of light, or they can opt to synchronize Crestron’s LED light fixtures with their natural circadian rhythm or utilize a Crestron Solar Sync sensor to match the natural light outside. The Solar Sync sensor is an outdoor sensor that communicates the outside color temperature to Crestron Home in real time. With Crestron Home, it’s incredibly easy for both homeowners and integrators to customize and make changes to lighting. The modular design of the Crestron LED light fixtures makes them suitable for any room. Fixture options include adjustable, wall wash, fixed frame, pinhole fixtures, multiple enclosure possibilities, and square or round trims.

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