According to the second consecutive Physical Security Industry Benchmark by System Surveyor, budgets and optimistic outlooks are up along with interest in/adoption of digital and collaborative system design technologies. However, similar challenges plague system integrators and enterprise security professionals year over year. 

The Physical Security Industry Benchmark is based on a survey administered in late 2021. More than 200 physical security professionals responded, including system integrators (49 percent), corporate and campus security staff (29 percent), and others such as manufacturers, A&Es, and consultants (23 percent).

Key findings include:

System Integrators:

  • 91 percent have a favorable business outlook in 2022.
  • Proposal opportunities are increasing but winning them is still an issue. “Low proposal-to-close win rates” remains a top challenge along with “gathering accurate customer site information” and “customers requesting multiple proposal revisions.” 
  • The biggest impacts to business also stayed the same year over year: “Delays in project completion” and “Difficulty achieving profit margins.”
  • 73 percent rely on paper and pen to conduct site surveys — down from 82 percent in 2020, but shows the runway for digital advancements.

 Corporate and campus security professionals:

  • 50 percent expect budgets to increase this year (versus only 11 percent in 2020).
  • The number one challenge is “Working with building management on security changes and responsibilities” (up from No. 7 in 2020).
  • The top recommendation for how integrators can improve service is “Ensure technicians coming on site have updated details on our system” (up from No. 6 in 2020). 
  • 43 percent will design systems themselves and then request bids and proposals.  
  • Other suggestions involve systems integrators better understanding customer needs and providing more transparent, up-to-date information.


Digital Solutions a Common Thread to Improve Customer Experience 

Several indicators point to technology as the way forward for both groups:

  • Enterprise security respondents highlighted two suggestions for system integrators directly involving technology: A portal with up-to-date service and system records/system layouts, and a digital, visual way to work jointly on survey designs and procurement.
  • System integrators chose system design software or tools as the number one technology that would most improve business (and more are adopting it). Other solutions foremost for this group are “Customer-facing software/app to visualize and co-design systems,” estimation and proposal software, and a digital as-built (system of record)/CAD for entire team.

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