The 48900 series interlock controller is a cost-effective solution for implementing door interlock and mantrap systems with up to nine doors. The fully integrated, single-board solution provides installers with complete programming control of all operating and configuration options without the need and expense of complex software. The solution integrates with virtually any access control system utilizing dry contacts. Each door terminal has a form-C SPDT dry contact output to mirror door status back to an access control panel or remote console. The feature-packed unit also provides outputs for traffic lights and door violation alarms and provides three individual timing sequences for propped door time, emergency override unlock and request-to-exit unlock time. It can be paired with a four-, six-, or 10-Amp UL 294 power supply that includes a fire alarm connection for emergency egress and can provide power to operate maglocks, electric strikes and traffic lights. The controller is also available without the power supply and enclosure for connection to an existing 12-24VDC power source.

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