RightCrowd’s intelligent workplace access platform provides an integrated set of solutions, enabling organizations to keep their people safe and their workplace secure and compliant. RightCrowd access analytics allows users to map, measure and monitor access rights across a workforce. The solution delivers up-to-date reporting on inappropriate access to facilities, buildings and areas, enabling organizations to monitor privileged physical access, policy compliance, cardholders, access levels and more with increased scrutiny. RightCrowd workforce access automates, optimizes and enforces the process of provisioning physical access for employees, contractors and visitors. By automating physical access control processes and pushing the approved access rights dynamically into the physical access control system, it ensures that everyone on site is right. RightCrowd presence control enforces safety, security and compliance policies through security wearables that turn the existing passive access badge into an active digital identity. This automated presence control system respects workplace privacy while taking the guesswork out of managing authorized workers using continuous visual validation and presence monitoring. 

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