The PoE++ module kit is an expansion module that equips any pdk Red high-security door controller with PoE connectivity for communication and full power. When plugged into the controller’s board, the PoE++ module powers the board itself and all the electrified hardware connected to it. The result is simplified installation and reduced cable runs. The module can operate in extreme temperatures and in up to 95 percent relative humidity. Installation takes seconds. The device’s QuickStart guide and datasheet provide PoE switch requirements for the Red one, two and four controllers. PDK’s modular approach allows for various communication methods within the same system; some controllers may utilize PoE++ while others are hardwired or rely on WiMAC wireless. Integrators can choose the form of communication from controller to controller based on what makes the most sense. This flexibility, combined with OSPD protocols, multiple credentialing options and a user-friendly mobile-first cloud platform, make pdk Red an adaptable and intuitive high-security access control solution.

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