Axis Communications unveiled its Axis Experience Center (AEC) in Atlanta on Thursday. The Atlanta AEC marks the 16th experience center for the company, which aims to reach customers all over the country, demonstrating solutions, training customers and partners, and acting as a space for partners to share the company’s solutions and technologies. 

Larry Newman, Senior Director of Sales for the Americas at Axis was in-person at the event and told SDM, “We are very excited about this location as it’s our first location here in Atlanta. As with all of our experience centers we want to be closer to the customer.” 

As with other AECs, the Atlanta location is 75-80% customer facing, according to Newman, to cement the company’s commitment to the customer and showcase the organization’s solutions. 

Newman says Axis refreshes the technologies within its AECs each year to keep solutions current and stay on trend in terms of what customers are asking for. 

While the Atlanta AEC is the most recent experience center for Axis, it certainly won’t be the last, according to Newman. “We will continue to offer these locations to our customers to show them our solutions and allow people to stay, play and touch the technologies,” he added.