Notion, a Comcast company, is unveiling Notion PRO, a new service plan for its smart home system. Notion PRO enables homeowners to extend protection of their property with 24/7 professional monitoring for $10 a month.  

Notion PRO is a DIY security solution that requires no professional installation. The service works with Notion’s existing multifunctional sensors that monitor for water leaks, opening of doors and windows, sounding alarms and temperature changes.  

In an announcement, Notion cites research from Parks Associates that shows residential security adoption increased to 36% of U.S. households as of Q2 2021, primarily driven by DIY security. 

With a Notion system, no additional hardware is required to upgrade to Notion PRO. Users can set up Notion PRO to always monitor for water leaks and sounding smoke/CO alarms.  

With Notion PRO, homeowners can access to additional system benefits such as receive group texts and phone calls so they don’t miss a notification. The system can contact emergency services when users can’t be reached. 

By upgrading to Notion PRO, users may be eligible to save up to 15% on their home insurance premiums. The company partners with insurance carriers in the United States and Australia to help homeowners proactively monitor their property.  

Notion states it is continuously expanding programs, including the ability to unlock revenue share with partners for Notion PRO.   

“Notion Smart Sensors have transformed the way homeowners and insurers proactively monitor risk,” said Thomas Fad, vice president and general manager, Notion. “Notion PRO is the next evolution of that proactive monitoring. Homeowners will benefit from additional notifications and extended security at a low monthly price, while insurers will be able to offer policyholders even greater discounts and may be eligible for revenue share from Notion.” 

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