EMI Security, LLC, a provider of mounting solutions for cameras and video surveillance equipment, has been purchased by new investors, formed a new management team, and created a new joint venture with Pedestal PRO, a provider of mounting solutions for access control devices. 

The new EMI Security entity, now based in Utah, creates a very close cooperative relationship with Pedestal PRO including operations, engineering, production, warehousing and sales support. This cooperative effort will drive improved go-to-market strategies for EMI, the company reported in a press release. It also consolidates engineering expertise to meet a growing industry demand for custom requests that isn’t supplied by commodity-type camera providers in the industry. Furthermore, it brings manufacturing expertise for polymers and ferrous materials under one roof. Overall, the new EMI Security will deliver better pricing, improved product varieties and faster custom designs to security professionals across both video surveillance and access control market segments, EMI said.

Edwin Gallun, EMI Security’s former managing director, will now serve as EMI Security’s new CEO; whereas, Pedestal PRO’s CEO, Pike Goss, and CFO, Glen Squire, will also serve as managing members.

“The most important driver in our company culture is to continue improving the overall customer experience during all three phases of each customer relationship: design, build and buy,” Gallun said. “Partnering with Pedestal PRO adds the modern resources we needed to deliver faster services at better prices for high quality architectural designs and custom projects.”