The MIC IP fusion 9000i 9mm camera expands the current MIC IP fusion 9000i lineup to bring maximum situational awareness to perimeter detection applications such as along a fence line at an energy or utility facility, data center, or other high-level security sites. The new camera brings a wider thermal field of view (70 deg. x 52 deg.), providing 360-deg. coverage in approximately 30 seconds. The MIC IP fusion 9000i 9mm camera combines a thermal imager with a 1080p starlight camera in a single housing. By employing a unique technology, metadata fusion, the camera can blend object detection data from both thermal and optical video streams and display them in one view. It also can withstand all weather conditions regardless of lighting. The camera has lens options for short, medium and longer ranges. All MIC IP fusion 9000i cameras are rugged by nature and offer built-in intelligent video analytics, specifically designed to withstand the harshest environments. Even in the most extreme conditions, video data can be interpreted directly at the source to further improve the level of security or enable the video data to do more than security alone.

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