The City of San Ramon, Calif., will begin issuing false alarm fines, effective July 1. 

The city, located about 35 miles east of San Francisco, will also require residents and businesses to register their alarm systems. 

The new alarm registration program is aimed at increasing community safety by reducing false alarms, allowing police officers to respond to emergencies and other calls for service, according to the city’s website. Each year, San Ramon Police officers respond to anywhere from 2,000 to 3,000 false alarm calls, according to police department statistics. 

Existing alarms must be registered by September 1. New residential and commercial business alarms must be registered within 30 days of installation. Permits are free and annual renewal is required. 

“Alarm owners are responsible for ensuring their alarm system is properly working. False alarms are a substantial drain on police services, and alarm owners will be subject to fines,” Craig Stevens, chief of police, San Ramon Police Department, said in a statement. 

Alarm owners will be subject to fines according to the following fee schedule per calendar year: The first false alarm will receive a written warning with no penalty; second, $50; third, $150; four and above, $300.