Prosegur Security of Herndon, Va., has launched a new Responsible Artificial Intelligence Policy in an effort to proactively decrease risks associated with AI use. 

The policy is intended to serve as a guideline for the ethical, moral, regulatory and security values applied to technological solutions that incorporate AI. Prosegur claims to be the first security company to establish a company-wide policy of this kind. It will be adopted globally in all countries where Prosegur operates and will be a requirement for all partners, according to an announcement. 

As artificial intelligence continues to gain popularity, especially in the security industry, Prosegur's Responsible AI Policy will protect and preserve the rights and freedoms of users affected by the application of AI technologies, the company stated.  

In order to be a Responsible AI partner, an AI system must ensure a number of requirements including human action and oversight, technical soundness and safety, privacy and data management, transparency, diversity, non-discrimination and equity, environmental and social well-being, and accountability. 

"Setting a framework for Responsible AI is not just ideal, but it is necessary for today's security landscape," said John Navarro, global president of technology solutions at Prosegur Security. "Prosegur is leading the charge by ensuring Responsible AI through our new policy, and by setting expectations for our employees and partners to uphold a defined set of standards." 

When developing, acquiring, or implementing AI solutions, Prosegur said it will ensure that all projects have respect for human autonomy to ensure AI systems are designed to enhance people's cognitive, social and cultural skills. Prosegur will ensure that AI systems do not cause harm or damage, that the development, deployment, and use of AI systems are equitable, and that all processes involving AI development are transparent and third party providers are held to the same standards. 

In order to comply with AI requirements, Prosegur has developed an AI governance model that includes the implementation of a corporate or local board, depending on where the project is located. Prosegur will hire a Chief Ethics Officer, who will oversee compliance with the new policy and ensure Responsible AI is implemented with new technologies. 

Prosegur is incorporating AI and other advanced security technologies into its processes and solutions. The company's security operations centers are now equipped with a universal AI platform called Prosegur GenzAI. Built on a global edge cloud platform, the solution hosts, distributes, executes and integrates a variety of algorithms that increase the human capabilities of security professionals through Prosegur's control centers.  

Prosegur said it utilizes and applies its GenzAI platform to a number of AI-equipped solutions, allowing them to include remote security control, remote service from security operations centers, and intelligent audio and video analytics. Each solution meets the Responsible AI Policy to ensure safe and ethical implementation.