RGB Spectrum’s core video processing technology enables public safety personnel to collect data from multiple sources, view that data on a single- or dual-screen monitor setup and share it throughout a facility or to a tactical workforce. RGB Spectrum’s multi-window, single-screen KVM appliance, the QuadView UHDx KVM, offers the ability to control independent video sources using a single keyboard and mouse. The QuadView allows users to seamlessly interact with four computer screens in scalable windows on a single 4K 60Hz monitor. The XtendPoint KVM system offers up to eight video sources. Visual data can be routed to multiple locations simultaneously, allowing real-time sharing. RGB Spectrum’s Zio video-over-IP mobile app allows video sources to be “pushed” by the 911 dispatcher to remote force members, individually or in groups, or “pulled” from the center by a remote team member. 

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