Security manufacturers are rolling out a whole new generation of advanced robotics to address a wide range of security needs, with helper robots ranging from Teledyne FLIR’s new SIRAS security drone, to Prosegur Security USA’s robot dog Yellow, which specializes in perimeter control. 

In September, Teledyne FLIR introduced SIRAS, a professional drone aircraft designed and manufactured by Coretronic Intelligent Robotics Corporation (CIRC). The drone is designed for use for industrial and utility inspection, public safety, firefighting, and search and rescue missions. 

“Designed to provide pilots with flexibility to get the job done, SIRAS delivers a geofence-free flight experience with thermal and visible imaging capabilities,” said Mike Walters, vice president, product management, Teledyne FLIR. “SIRAS is the only enterprise drone to currently incorporate the patented MSX technology, which overlays the edge detail from the visible camera on the thermal image to provide critical information in real time.” 

The drone features a 31-minute flight time, radar-based front collision avoidance and backpack portability. The 16MP visible camera can zoom 128x to pinpoint details, and the integrated 640x512 pixel, radiometric Boson provides thermal imagery, 5x digital zoom and temperature measurement of every pixel in the scene. 

SIRAS will begin shipping SIRAS in the U.S. by fourth-quarter 2022.

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Providers are increasingly focused on integration between robots and existing security systems. For example, Safetrust, provider of secure and virtual credential solutions, has teamed up with machine learning startup Cobalt Robotics to further integrate Cobalt’s robotics with the Safetrust sensor ecosystem, allowing Cobalt robots to connect with the Safetrust ecosystem of security offerings. 

“Safetrust is a pioneer in identity, utilizing technology to offer employees safe, frictionless movement throughout their spaces,” said Mike LeBlanc, president of Cobalt Robotics. “Our robots provide the same comfortable and effective solution for companies around the world. We’re proud to continue building the future of security with Safetrust.” 

Cobalt robots have more than 60 sensors, including day-night cameras, 360-deg. cameras, thermal cameras, depth cameras, LIDAR and badge reading capabilities. Using machine learning, semantic mapping and novelty detection, the robots can independently identify and flag security-relevant anomalies like people, sounds, motion, doors and windows and missing assets. Each robot has a screen for communication between remote security specialists and people on-site. 

The robots are primarily deployed in corporate office spaces, and deeper integration between Safetrust and Cobalt enables businesses to track robot location, oversee their interaction with people based on their credentials, and instantly deploy robots in emergencies — including active shooter scenarios where robots have access to doors and areas in the building and can quickly respond. 

If an incident occurs, Cobalt’s security specialists provide human assistance for complex situations. They will triage the incident, contact appropriate personnel and report back to the security team 24/7/365 based on collaboratively established post orders. They can also provide two-way video from the robot to greet employees, request badge credentials and ensure guest check in. 

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With the increase in gun violence in schools, more end users are demanding technology to address those concerns. An East Coast parochial school recently deployed two ROSA security robots with firearm detection technology, produced by Artificial Intelligence Technology Solutions Inc.’s wholly owned subsidiary, Robotic Assistance Devices, Inc. (RAD). 

“This one deployment has the potential makings of a seminal moment for AITX and RAD,” said Steve Reinharz, CEO of AITX and RAD. “We knew from the start that we were a software company needing to build amazing hardware in order to execute our remarkable software. This school is about to deploy both.” 

ROSA is a compact, self-contained, portable security and communication solution that can be deployed in about 15 minutes. Its AI-driven security analytics include human, vehicle and firearm detection, license plate recognition, responsive digital signage and audio messaging, and complete integration with RAD’s software suite notification and autonomous response library. Two-way communication is optimized for cellular, including live video from ROSA’s dual high-resolution cameras. 

RAD has integrated RADSoC, its proprietary, hybrid on-premises/cloud applications, with its suite of AI analytics and existing networks of security cameras. The school currently has approximately 120 security cameras, of which 50 will be connected to the RAD ecosystem. 

RADSoC’s integration with existing networks of IP-based cameras opens the company’s addressable market potentially to the several hundred million security cameras currently deployed across RAD’s target markets. 

RAD’s firearm detection identifies the presence of side arms and long gun firearms. When a firearm is detected, RAD’s AI-driven analytics system will autonomously perform a variety of actions, including activating local audible and visible alerts, locking and securing doors, notifying remote-monitor onsite security staff and law enforcement authorities — ideally before any shots are fired. 

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Finally, man’s best friend is now available in robot form to perform security functions. Prosegur Security USA recently introduced a robot dog named Yellow into its private and professional security offerings for perimeter patrol. 

“Prosegur understands the importance of intelligent, integrated security offerings, and Yellow is an innovative approach that connects and communicates with people and technologies to provide a comprehensive security solution,” said Mike Dunn, chief technology officer at Prosegur. “By leveraging our GenzAI platform, state-of-the-art machine learning, communication, smart cameras and video analytics, Yellow can detect security threats, relay information to the SOC and on-site security to quickly respond and neutralize any danger.” 

Yellow provides enhanced support and improved efficiency of human patrol operations, elevating safety and security measures of stand-alone manned guarding. The robot can be deployed in situations that are too dangerous or difficult for human entry, or with the help of facial recognition technology to identify “friend or foe,” alerting security of potential threats. 

Yellow can perform perimeter patrols either independently or supervised by a security team member, allowing real-time application at either a private business or public event, including concerts and athletic games. Yellow’s machine learning capabilities also enable it to adapt to any terrain, avoid obstacles and create a comprehensive map of its patrol area. Additionally, Yellow’s advanced equipment allows communication to the SOC/local security while also relaying its physical position without interruption. 

The robot is powered by Prosegur’s GenzAI platform and AI partner Azena, enabling risk situations to be communicated via 5G technology to any Prosegur security operations center. 

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