March Networks, a global provider of  intelligent IP video surveillance solutions, has acquired the FOCUS Business Analytics Platform from Polish company DoIT Software.

The acquisition is said to fast-track March Network’s transition to cloud video and gives the company a new cloud-based data analytics platform that will be integrated into its existing Searchlight software. This further extends the company’s ability to deliver operational and business intelligence to its customers, according to an announcement. 

March Networks completed the acquisition on Oct. 1. The majority of the DoIT Software staff will join the newly established March Networks Poland and the facility will serve as the company’s newly created development center for advanced data analytics and artificial intelligence (AI). 

Searchlight is billed as a highly flexible platform that combines high-definition video surveillance with various data sources including transactional data from point of sale systems, metadata from AI-enabled cameras and other forms of sensor-driven data to give organizations a complete view of their business. Using the platform, corporations can address security and fraud concerns, while also gaining insights into operational, compliance, and sales and marketing issues. 

With the new FOCUS software integration, Searchlight will be further enhanced so all data lives in the cloud. A modern and intuitive user interface will also feature customizable reports and dashboards, allowing customers to configure a multitude of reports, establish key performance indicators (KPIs), monitor trends, and set targets for improvement. Multiple sources of data can be tied together, analyzed and visualized, giving customers a more comprehensive view of their business. 

Today, 15,000 business locations worldwide use March Networks Searchlight, including multi-national retailers and financial institutions, major restaurant chains, as well as leading c-stores. Once the integration with Focus is complete, these customers will be able to upgrade to the new cloud-based platform and take advantage of its scalability and flexibility.   

The transaction represents March Networks first acquisition since being acquired by Delta in December. 

"Our product strategy continues to center on extending the value of video surveillance beyond security, and this new platform — with its ability to process large data sets from multiple sources — offers almost unlimited potential to gather new operational and business intelligence,” said Peter Strom, president and CEO of March Networks. “We are very happy to welcome Leszek Tomanek and the staff of DoIT Software to the March Networks family. We plan to further invest in the area and expect to double the number of employees in our new Gliwice office." 

March Networks is targeting to launch the next iteration of Searchlight integrated with the cloud-based FOCUS platform in Q1 2023. Existing March Networks hosted Searchlight customers will be able to gain access to the new platform on a trial basis, while still using the same features and functions that currently exist.